Geelong Fighting Fluoridation


Fluoride is a POISON!

As little as three teaspoons of fluoride is a lethal dosage. Fluoridation has been attributed to severe skeletal deformations, mental retardation, dental fluorosis among other severe health problems. Fluoride is ranked just below arsenic and just above lead in a scale of most harmful toxins. Fluoridation does not just mean the adding of fluoride to our water supply, it comes with a compound of other chemicals – including traces of mercury, lead and arsenic! Fluoride is INDUSTRIAL WASTE and the people of Geelong do not need this in our water!

Tonight, hundreds of people showed up to a campaign launch by the Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation (BAFF) to issue a mandate to Parliament demanding a complete halt to the fluoridation of the Greater Geelong region. As supporters of the anti-fluoridation campaign, supporters of the communities right to choose and as potential victims of fluoridation; local National-Anarchists attended the meeting and look forward to being involved in the ongoing campaign.

Though the Geelong National-Anarchists are not scientists and we’ll leave the arguing of the health effects of fluoridation to the experts; we will demand our FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! We demand the freedom to decide what chemicals go in to our bodies. We deserve to have access to clean water, free from potentially harmful chemicals. We do not need government or anybody else trying to decide what we need to remain healthy, we can medicate ourselves!

The people of Geelong deserve to be heard and to be consulted on what happens in the Greater Geelong region. There has never been a call from the community for fluoridation but there has always been a large body voicing their opposition! Despite MPs such as Bronwyn Pike saying Geelong will not be fluoridated unless Geelong wants to be fluoridated, the lies have once again prevailed and State government intends on legislating against the will of the people. Such lies are not new and those involved in this campaign that may be new to political activism will soon learn that Parliament, the Judiciary and all “public servants” do not have the interests of the community at heart!

The Geelong National-Anarchists will be involved in this campaign and we encourage all of our readers, supporters and opponents to do the same. This is not about politics but about health and freedom in our society!

More information on fluoridation and the campaign can be found here:

1. The Fluoride Action Network:
2. Victorian Fluoride Action Group:
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4. Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation:
5. UK Councils Against Fluoridation:
6. International Society for Fluoride Research (this society is neither pro nor anti-water fluoridation, but supports research on all aspects of chemistry and biochemistry, and publishes a journal of same)


Homo Corporatus

A stickering campaign during the recent Yarra harvest festival weekend is the motivation for this article. The stickering was mainly conducted throughout the blocks of corporate high rises in the Southbank area of Melbourne. Southbank is home to such corporate buildings as HWT, Eureka Tower and of course Australand Holdings which is the corporate entity centred in the following story.

National-Anarchists aim to make an impact and leave a message with our stickers. The stickers themselves are intriguing and appealing; they catch the eye and leave a person wondering about the ideas that come with such a sticker. Needless to say, stickering in a maze of corporate buildings is putting out a message of anti-capitalism in the very heart of global capitalist turf. Not to mention that National-Anarchist stickers are much more exciting and thought provoking than tonnes of concrete and boring corporate art.

As a National-Anarchist placed a sticker in the zone deemed “property of Australand Holdings,” a young bloke in a blue shirt came over to inform us of how out of bounds we were. We didn’t quite understand what he was trying to say; surely he wasn’t equating our stickers to crass vandalism? Sure enough, we had taken a step too far…

John Worker: “You can’t put your shit there, this is ours…”
National-Anarchist: “What do you mean yours? Who owns it?”
John Worker: “We do, I mean, Australand… I mean… I own it” *pointing to the company logo on his shirt*
National-Anarchist: “Do you really think you own any of this stuff? Do you really think you’re represented by Australand?”

John Worker didn’t want to keep talking, he was slightly confused and had to finish his work, he’d hate to keep his boss waiting. However, the activists had been left dumbfounded – never before had they seen a worker of any description identify with and defend a corporate entity, let alone the company they worked for!

National-Anarchists thoroughly oppose the entire concept of a corporation. A corporation is a legal entity designed to protect individuals in their business dealings. National-Anarchists do not oppose buying, selling or bartering but we do demand that every individual be held accountable for their actions. If you are selling Microsoft products, you should not be able to hide behind the name and collective assets of Microsoft Corporation. Corporations are a major enemy in our fight against the establishment – corporations of all descriptions are guilty of exploitation, environmental destruction, consumerism and globalisation.

It is fascinating to see an individual pledge loyalty to an entity as artificial and damaging as a corporation. Though, it happens and in our modern, consumerist world it is increasingly common. What is this “corporate culture” and how do we combat it?

A person is first drawn to a corporation by the needs that are met by such an entity. Obviously, salaries are paid which puts food on the table and meets the essential and material desires of a person. A corporation offers incentive or the potential to grow as a person – learning new skills, becoming a respected employee, getting a promotion and “climbing the ladder” are all a part of the corporate culture. A corporation does serve as a sort of family and tribe for its employees; your workmates may support you in tough times, your boss supplies your needs and motivates you and wearing the logo of your corporation is like flying the flag of your tribe.


A National-Anarchist can understand why people would want to be a part of a corporation. It is not about being selfish or consciously supporting a negative and destructive entity. It is about belonging, meeting your needs and prospering in our consumerist world. It is now the norm to spend long hours in the office, earn a salary and buy the newest products. It is now the norm that independence from work, being close to family and non-materialistic aspirations must come second to the corporate job.

This is of course not the case with all corporate employees, though it is a trend growing in developed countries – Japan is a scary example.

In Japan, to spend your entire life with the same company is expected. It is not uncommon that Japanese “salary man” will put more hours in to work than he would his family and even spend a small fortune on gifts for his superiors. Such loyalty to a corporation has even been compared to the loyalty of Samurai to their Lord in the Japanese feudal era. Salary men are even known to have tattoos of their companies’ logo on their bodies.

Can we foresee a world where each human is assigned a corporation where they will spend their entire lives? Will the “Fight Club” prophecy come true when the corporations name everything new in the world? It may be a logical conclusion to capitalism and globalisation but National-Anarchists work to stem the tide of corporate influence and expansion.

The corporation may serve as a tribe for the materialistic employee of the 21st Century but it is an unnatural entity that should not be coveted as an idol. The real “tribe” as given by nature to mankind is the family and the extended family and is built by ancestry, tradition, values and religion. This natural culture has been stifled and ignored ever since the first pluralism in Persia and Rome, becoming more evident and increasingly decadent ever since the Industrial Revolution. The only way to prevent humanity from descending in to a future of robotic materialism is by reviving the organic society as embodied by the natural concept of tribe.

Fighting the corporate culture begins with meeting the needs of an individual and their family. Encourage self-sufficiency and promote independence rather than reliance on an employer. Build on the community by encouraging the community to meet the needs of its members; education, employment and recreation should be readily available within the community. Promote the independence of the community and negate reliance on all outside influence; especially the State. Individuals wants to feel close to other members of their community and belong to their community; any “community” where the members are vastly different in culture is not really a community at all.

Homo Corporatus is a creation of our modern society, it is one destined to fail as all unnatural concepts inevitably do. We can decide if we will pursue a natural lifestyle as is the goal of National-Anarchists or if we will continue to progress down a path of crass materialism and excess that will only serve to destroy our environment and lead to the destruction of life as we know it.

National-Anarchism is a natural, social alternative to global capitalism and the corporate culture. If you wish to meet and network with National-Anarchists, contact us at our contact page.

Yarra National-Anarchists Harvest Festival

The Yarra National-Anarchists are hosting a dinner and cultural awareness night on Saturday 4th April. The event is open to anybody keen to attend and become involved in what should be a pleasant and rewarding night, celebrating the beginning of Autumn and what that means to folkish communities worldwide.

What: Yarra National-Anarchist Harvest Festival.
An organic, vegan dinner will be supplied and those attending will enjoy an informal celebration of their tribal roots.
When: Saturday 4th April, in the afternoon-onwards.
Where: Yarra National-Anarchist HQ.

More information from the Yarra National-Anarchists.

Myki Invasion

The following article is an examination and critique of the State governments plan to install a new ticketing system, Myki. The system is based on a debit card that works in the same way as a ticket but contains money. The system has already been trialled in Geelong and has failed miserably.

Written by a Ballarat National-Anarchist, from the Ballarat N-A blog.


Myki is coming to Ballarat on Monday the 6th of April, with it comes confusion and a lot of people wondering why so much money has been chucked at this unnecessary system.  The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” will be ringing in the back of many people’s heads.  Not only is it useless, it is also more difficult to work than “hand the bus driver change”.  Sure, it’s just like scanning an item at the store and we will learn to adapt and get used to it, but that is not the point.

Learning Curve

A new “swipe card” like system that works on recharging, like prepaid phone credit, it may be easier for some people.  However, the government has left the others behind.  I have heard MANY elderly people complaining about the system and trying to piece it together.  Many have been left asking “what’s the point?”.  How many people will we see struggling just to get on a bus?  Also, disabled and handicapped people will face a challenge reaching for it and need steady hands for it to register.  It seems the neediest are the least cared for.  “Float or drown.” Let’s just see how it plays out.

Waste of Money?

ONE POINT THREE BILLION!!!!  Are you kidding?  Sadly, we are not.  Not only is this practically no better than the system already in place, it also cost a HUGE amount and there are still problems with it.  Apparently there is nothing else Australia could need with that amount of money than a jazzed up public transport ticket system, will it make life easier?  For that price it should serve drinks and tell you the weather for the week.  Could this money have gone to homeless shelters?  Donations?  Bush Fire victims?  Red Cross?  Orphanage?  Zoo?  Hospital?  Children’s hospital? Pot holes?  ANYTHING other than this?!  Set the stack of money alight, it will at least keep people warm.  Pump it into the economy.  Oh and add another $50 to $55 million a year for every year this system is up and running…… A NASA space probe only costs $3 million.  A waste? I will leave it to you to decide.

Pros & Cons

– It will calculate the most economical fare to charge (travel within two hours or pay daily fare price)
– One card for both regional and metropolitan areas (hey, doesn’t money have that ability as well?)
– In the future it could be used for such things as: parking and vending machines (hey, my money can do that as well)
– “Has no moving parts to any part of the ticket system, to reduce maintenance costs of future installations.”  Hahahaha, yeah, you really care about saving money on this project.  Here is a money saver tip – never create such an unneeded system again!
– The card can be “recharged” away from the public transport thus eliminating the requirement for cash and reducing queues at vending machines and on buses.  The huge lines at the Vending machines and buses? … Everyone still has to get on and swipe, it seems they are trying to grab on to any reason they can find.  “You will not longer need to carry money and a ticket.” Ha!

There will be even more grand improvements once this actually gets on steady legs.

– A big one is the cost, which I have already talked about.
– The government still paying for the existing Metcard systems
– Having to touch off when not used to it will be faced with a maximum fare penalty (I expect to receive this many times)
– “Touch on, touch off” takes longer than it takes to get on and off at the moment
– Losing the card can means losing a lot if you put a lot on there, a lot more than dropping a coin
– Difficult to use for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities such as those who lack good hand control

You don’t need a scale to see what way this tips.

Final Verdict

After reading many things, talking to people, hearing conversations on the bus.  I deem this a failure, but they had put so much money into it that it would be a bigger waste if they had scrapped it, so it got to a point where they had to bring this out and just try to make it work.  The point is, it is a huge waste of time, resources and money.  They should think twice about something before they commit to it like they did with this, maybe something more useful.

There is no need whatsoever to have this system put in place or have even had the chance to leave the drawing board.  Once again, the government failed to meet the real needs of the people and instead wasted money on something no one wants and no one needs.  We will get told by advertisements it’s a good thing, so at least some people will believe it is.

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

New Yarra National-Anarchist Blog


Yarra National-Anarchists

A new blog has been created by National-Anarchists specifically relating to the City of Yarra, in Melbourne. Yarra is known as being the heart of the inner suburbs of Melbourne, the only local council with a Trotskyist councillor and a hub of yuppie shopping in the city. The Yarra National-Anarchists try to offer a humorous outlook on inner city living but pull no punches, especially against their local government.

The Yarra National-Anarchists will be reporting on news and issues relating to the Yarra region and surrounding areas. Keep up to date with their blog and see National-Anarchist activism right in the heart of Melbourne, confronting issues directly and effectively.