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Yarra National-Anarchists

A new blog has been created by National-Anarchists specifically relating to the City of Yarra, in Melbourne. Yarra is known as being the heart of the inner suburbs of Melbourne, the only local council with a Trotskyist councillor and a hub of yuppie shopping in the city. The Yarra National-Anarchists try to offer a humorous outlook on inner city living but pull no punches, especially against their local government.

The Yarra National-Anarchists will be reporting on news and issues relating to the Yarra region and surrounding areas. Keep up to date with their blog and see National-Anarchist activism right in the heart of Melbourne, confronting issues directly and effectively.



  1. The Ballarat network also has a blog now, see it at

    I look forward to these local blogs being an active part of National-Anarchist reporting and activism in Victoria.

  2. Good to see more and more people taking an intererest in National-Anarchy.

  3. Very good to see indeed.

  4. God knows Yarra council area needs a bit more variety in its political scene, the election of a totalitarian trot with only 20 or so followers but AMAZINGLY deep roots in the community created by dint of much effort shows that in that council, anything can happen.

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