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National-Anarchism: A Reader out now

EVERY significant force in modern politics requires an essential text as a means of presenting the world with its own unique ideological vision. NATIONAL-ANARCHISM: A READER is perhaps no different, in that it represents a fresh attempt to …both educate and inspire a new generation of disaffected young radicals. This book, brimming with original ideas and practical remedies, is the ‘bible’ of a new and dynamic phenomenon that seeks to transcend the superfluous and obsolete ideologies of ‘left’, ‘right’ and ‘centre’. In a time when the West is beginning to crumble beneath the weight of its own hypocrisy, an undertaking of this magnitude has become more important than ever before. The contents examine a wide range of issues, including Politics, Economics, Race, History, Philosophy, Community, Education, Zionism, Defence, Revolution, Semantics, the Environment and Anarchism itself. Contributors include Troy Southgate, Keith Preston, Welf Herfurth, Flávio Gonçalves, Brett Stevens and Josh Bates.


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New websites and updates

The Australian National-Anarchists have been very busy over the past few months and regret not being able to share these important websites and articles with our readers sooner.

The Palm Beach County Tribalist Collective have written some thoughtful articles that we’d like to share, including useful information for those forming intentional communities.

The World National Anarchist Alliance is a new website with a Zen Buddhist perspective.  Includes the important article Race Essential to National Anarchism?

“National Anarchism is an answer to the anarchist with suffixes syndrome. We have anywhere from Anarcho-Capitalists to Anarcho-Communists. With the National Anarchist system, each tribe could implement whichever system they want.”

Other articles of interest:

Noam Chomsky on big business as a supporter of “anti-racism”

Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle (this seems pretty pro-capitalism and fossil fuels but it does sum up the arguments against the manmade climate change theory well, and shows how and why the establishment is manipulating the masses.)

The war on Africa’s family farmers An important article about globalists in Africa.

An introduction to urban anarchy

Agrarian resistance

N-A News Digest – 7 February 2011

“I think the growing disregard for the environment, culture and heritage is a natural consequence of capitalism. When people care more about profit than the world they live in that is what happens. Capitalism in the “Western” world in turn is just a natural consequence of Christianity, because Christianity created a spiritual void when it ousted Paganism, and all that is left is materialism and a religion with no meaningful contents. The Christians often kept the Pagan festivals, rituals and symbols, but they no longer have any real meaning.” – Varg Vikernes

From N-A blogs:

BANA – Feminism, women and National-Anarchism; An interview with Andrew Yeoman of BANA

BANA – Against Anti-semitism

African/Indigenous N-A – Black history month

NATA NY – USDA found to be poisoning bird populations, causing mass die-offs involving millions of birds

NATA NY – Anarcho-pluralism and pan-secessionism: What they are and what they are not

NATA NY – film screening: WeAreChangeNYC + NATA NY present Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA part 2

Berrocscir’s Banner – South Sudan – A herald for tomorrow?

ATS  – Cultural enrichment?

ATS – The scourge of civilisation, the state


Other news and articles:

Why environmentalists should have large families

10 things that the Egypt riots can teach us about what happens when society breaks down

Australia in the process of making thousands of plants illegal!

If you are a Getup member, your help would be greatly appreciated in this.

Gestational carrier is an ugly term

Anarchist utopia

“The real road to achieving an anarchist utopia is not through violence, disrespect, and chaos.  All of these activities only lead to more government.  An entirely free society, where government is no longer necessary, can only exist where people respect one another, accept responsibility, treat each other fairly, and have compassion for their fellow man.  In short: we don’t need government if humans are humane.”

World’s oldest marijuana stash totally busted

Interview with Jóhanna G. Hardar∂óttier of the Ásatrúerfélegi∂

90% of Germans do not believe the official 9-11 story

Jason and the argot: land where Greek’s ancient language survives

“Many of the world’s languages are disappearing as once-isolated populations become part of the global economy, with children failing to learn the language of their grandparents and instead using the dominant language of the majority population, which in this part of the world is Turkish.”

Gender roles: Adaptivity, not control

“Our conventional mythos that gender roles are a method of control makes little sense, since without them, we are better subjects for control by economic forces and government regulation. Could it be that our controllers found an easy way to lure us into something labeled “freedom” that was in fact a form of slavery?”

Earth may soon have a second sun


New websites:

Landshare Australia – a site connecting people with land to spare and people who want to grow food

N-A News Digest – 19 January 2011

From N-A blogs
N-A M – Dark green romanticism

N-A M – Introducing NATA-NY

Tasna – A great year for the northern folkway

RATS – R.I.P “Hippie John” Mahoney

BANA – Announcing the BANA Zazzle store

NATA NY – City’s latest snubs fuel secession

NATA NY – NYPD implements iris scan technology

NATA NY – Note on racial separatism

NATA NY – Food “safety” bill empowers Monsanto to control food industry

ATS – What would the right-wing of pan-secessionism look like?

ATS – is now ten years old

ATS – Keith Preston and the “king of conspiracy”

ATS – The real history of the religious right and its relevance to pan-secessionism

ATS – Thinking ahead: What will ARV/ATS be in the future?

ATS – On changing our world

ATS – On the political climate of hate in America

ATS – Sociopaths all look alike

Other news and articles

Nationalism is natural

Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

Doctors and animals alike tell us: avoid genetically modified food

Youtube video – Hemp bricks are harder than concrete for homes and buildings

Leaked document: EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide

GM corn releases insecticide chemicals that are now polluting rivers and streams

Colourful termination letter from Dominos Pizza

GM potato to be grown in Europe

Icelandic MP fights US demand for her Twitter account details

Vimeo video – Aurora Borealis timelapse HD – Tromsø 2010

Earth’s magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds linked to mysterious bird deaths

ADHD linked to pesticide exposure

Border collie comprehends over 1,000 object names as verbal referents

Not out of Africa

Did the Scots visit Iceland? New research reveals island inhabited 70 years before Vikings thought to have arrived

Archaeologists to prove Sherwood Forest’s ‘Thing’

Researchers discover a shocking 96 percent decline in four major bumblebee species.

N-A Weekly News Digest – 4 January 2011

From N-A blogs:

Berrocscir’s Banner – Desperate gestures

NATA NY – Reclaim New Yorkers homes stolen by banks

NATA NY – USDA Certified Organic’s dirty little secret: Neotame

BANA – Social Nationalism: Guidelines for organising

BANA TV: APS against diversity

ATS – Antimodernist autonomism: Where left and right meet

ATS – The assessment revisited

Other news and articles:

Remembering J. R. R. Tolkein: January 3, 1892 to September 2, 1973

Marvel Studios re-writes entire history of Northern Europe

German archeologists uncover Celtic treasure

The potato cage

More problems with genetically modified foods

30 years of Laibach II

Europe, Japan to cancel grain contracts with Australia due to GMO contamination

Watch for the coming collapse of Monsanto

N-A Weekly News Digest – 27 December 2010

From N-A blogs:

WANA – Manifesto now available

WANA – Patrick Buchanan: Ethnic-Nationalism returns

ATS – Do you hate the state?

ATS – Encouraging words from a reader

NATA NY – The spy who texted me… big sis invades your iphone

Berrocscir’s Banner – A steady state society

SONAC – Le Royaume

Other news and articles:

Logging moratorium to begin in ninety days for Tasmania’s high conservation forests

GM contamination of organic crop confirmed (Western Australia)

The 30 most important cats of 2010

Strange creature photographed in the backwoods of louisiana

Reindeer eat magic mushrooms to escape winter boredom, scientists say

8000 year old Sun temple found in Bulgaria

Study: Fluoridated water causes brain damage in children

Sandra Bullock: A woman for our time

Troy Southgate: Homeschooling  – creating real alternatives in education

Artificial ‘nano-food’ could soon show up at a store near you

N-A in action, in South Africa

The secret to long life

New websites:

New Right Students Association