Activist Resources

Getting information to the public is a number one priority for activists. Helping people to become aware of local and global issues as well as alternatives and solutions is the bread and butter of political activism. As National-Anarchists, our public activism aims to enlighten people about the situation our world is facing. Our first priority is not recruitment but giving people the information often ignored by mainstream media so that they can make an informed opinion on the world around them.

Our leaflets are brief yet in depth and informative without overloading readers with facts and figures. We aim to offer the public important information about the issues and offer solutions and alternatives from a National-Anarchist perspective.

On this page you will find a growing collection of leaflets, pamphlets and booklets for people to read and hand out to others. We hope activists of all descriptions make use of the leaflets available here, we are all fighting against the System!

These materials were either produced by National-Anarchists or by somebody else and published here with permission. We encourage anybody and everybody to print these materials and distribute them widely.

N-AM 3 fold leaflet

3 Fold Leaflet A4 designed by NATA-NY.  Slightly amended for international use By N-AM Shropshire

N-AM Poster 1

N-AM Poster 2

N-AM Gaza Solidarity

A4 leaflet outlining the basic concepts of tribalism and introducing National-Anarchism.

May Day ’09
A4 leaflet for mass distribution throughout the May Day 2009 weekend.

The Green Book by Muammar Al-Qaddafi.
The thought provoking ideas of the Green Book are the basis for a real social alternative in the post-globalised world.

Fluoridation Fact Sheet by BAFF.
A two-sided leaflet detailing the ethical, legal and medical issues surrounding forced fluoridation.


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