Geelong Fighting Fluoridation


Fluoride is a POISON!

As little as three teaspoons of fluoride is a lethal dosage. Fluoridation has been attributed to severe skeletal deformations, mental retardation, dental fluorosis among other severe health problems. Fluoride is ranked just below arsenic and just above lead in a scale of most harmful toxins. Fluoridation does not just mean the adding of fluoride to our water supply, it comes with a compound of other chemicals – including traces of mercury, lead and arsenic! Fluoride is INDUSTRIAL WASTE and the people of Geelong do not need this in our water!

Tonight, hundreds of people showed up to a campaign launch by the Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation (BAFF) to issue a mandate to Parliament demanding a complete halt to the fluoridation of the Greater Geelong region. As supporters of the anti-fluoridation campaign, supporters of the communities right to choose and as potential victims of fluoridation; local National-Anarchists attended the meeting and look forward to being involved in the ongoing campaign.

Though the Geelong National-Anarchists are not scientists and we’ll leave the arguing of the health effects of fluoridation to the experts; we will demand our FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! We demand the freedom to decide what chemicals go in to our bodies. We deserve to have access to clean water, free from potentially harmful chemicals. We do not need government or anybody else trying to decide what we need to remain healthy, we can medicate ourselves!

The people of Geelong deserve to be heard and to be consulted on what happens in the Greater Geelong region. There has never been a call from the community for fluoridation but there has always been a large body voicing their opposition! Despite MPs such as Bronwyn Pike saying Geelong will not be fluoridated unless Geelong wants to be fluoridated, the lies have once again prevailed and State government intends on legislating against the will of the people. Such lies are not new and those involved in this campaign that may be new to political activism will soon learn that Parliament, the Judiciary and all “public servants” do not have the interests of the community at heart!

The Geelong National-Anarchists will be involved in this campaign and we encourage all of our readers, supporters and opponents to do the same. This is not about politics but about health and freedom in our society!

More information on fluoridation and the campaign can be found here:

1. The Fluoride Action Network:
2. Victorian Fluoride Action Group:
3. Fluoride Aware Ballarat:
4. Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation:
5. UK Councils Against Fluoridation:
6. International Society for Fluoride Research (this society is neither pro nor anti-water fluoridation, but supports research on all aspects of chemistry and biochemistry, and publishes a journal of same)



  1. National Anarchists Australia New Zealand are to be commended for standing up for people’s rights to choose.

    Forced fluoridation is about politicians forcing their wills on people who elected them to represent their wills.

    It is also about dental associations lying about the safety of fluoridation and bureaucrats exercising powers that medical practitioners do not have: to participate, albeit indirectly, in the forced medication of entire communities.

    Fluoridation is a human rights issue – not a democratic one! No one has the right to indirectly vote to have another person force medicated.

    ALL citizens of Victoria are urged to use the following links and watch the stunning 2-part videos titled “Fluoride and Cancer” by the biochemist Dr John Yiamouyiannis: and

    Please note, specially, Dr Yiamouyiannis’s reference to fluoride damaging DNA and impairing immune systems.

    After completing post-doctoral research at Western Reserve University Medical School, Dr Yiamouyiannis became a biochemical editor at the world’s largest chemical information centre (Chemical Abstracts Service) and was a science director of the (US) National Health Federation. He also became a world leading authority on the biological effects of fluoride.

    Dr Yiamouyiannis stated, “The truth is, fluoridation is chronically poisoning millions.”

  2. This link accesses information about adverse health effects from fluoridation that The Establishment claims do not exist.

    Via this link you can access, free, Dr Bruce Spittle’s book “Fluoride Fatigue” that is sub-titled “Fluoride Poisoning: is fluoride in your drinking water and from other sources making you sick?”

    Please turn to page 76 and read about the author who has received numerous medical awards and prizes.

    Dr Spittle is the Managing Editor of “Fluoride” the official journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research and has meticulously referenced “Fluoride Fatigue” for the doubting Thomases who still think that fluoridation is safe for all.

  3. Promoters of water fluoridation lie when they claim that fluoridated water does not increase the incidence of cancer and other illness.

    I quote the US Attorney at Law Janie Evins: “In the early 1990’s, with trials of 11, 14 and 40 days to allow for extensive expert witness testimony, courts in Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania each came to the same conclusion: fluoride at one part per million in the water, a) aggravates existing illnesses, b) causes adverse health effects, and c) contributes to a significant increase in cancer deaths.”

    Attorney Evins wrote this in a legal letter dated 19/02/09 that she sent to the Oral Health Director of the Arkansas Department of Health, Dr Lynn Mouden who had made false claims about fluoridation in order to promote the practice.

    The letter is accessible via this link and would be an eye-opener for those who believe the lies about fluoridation’s safety that are peddled by the government and other promoters of water fluoridation.

  4. No one should have the right to force-medicate us through the water supply. It’s so wrong.

    The only people benefiting are those that want to dump their industrial waste somewhere!

  5. Thank you illusion9 and Alisa Boyden for the extensive information about this issue.

    Fluoridation may seem insignificant for people that haven’t had anything different (Melbournians), it may seem a small issue compared to the great many other crises currently facing our societies and our planet but fluoridation in Geelong is a microcosm of our collective fight.

    The continuous loss of freedoms experienced by sovereign people around the world and the never ending attempt by central government to play the role of God/s, parent, doctor, employer etc. in our lives can only be fought battle by battle. We need to work together in our own way, in our own place!


  6. It was quite amazing to see so many locals from Geelong attended last night and stand up for what is right and what we though we had rights for.

    The government doesn’t give a rats about what we want, its always about what they want to see being done. Who gives a flying rats about the people who have to consume this toxic chemical!

    What will happen to the small amount of people they are allergic to Fluoride? It’s not just drinking water! What about showers?
    Are they going to get any compensation like bottled water at a discounted price OR water tanks?
    It’s not like being allergic to wheat or dairy, we can chose many other options. But when it is put in our water supply in a forcefully manner, there is nothing else to do but spend ridiculous amount on money on bottled water.


  7. Your welcome National Anarchist. People of Melbourne may be interested to see where the fluoride chemical is made which they consume. This is the same company I believe which will supply the fluorosilicic acid for Geelong’s water if it is fluoridated in June.
    They can see it here at website called Deltrex Chemicals & Pivot Fertilizers.

  8. The original posting listed some good websites, but omitted the most important for the Geelong & Barwon region’s struggle for freedom from Fluoride. That is the website of ‘Barwon Freedom from Fluoridation Inc.’ which is
    Thanks for your support, fluoridation is an equally bad medical and health blunder (or is it deliberate poisoning?) as the previous official medical whitewashing of leaded petrol, asbestos use and smoking. Yet fluoridation ‘should’ be such an easy environmental disaster to halt – it is just a matter of turning off a tap at the water works. Just needs the political will, and the scientific integrity for the truth to be told.

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  10. If Geelong citizens allow government (aka politicians) to medicate them via their water supply with fluoride, what will stop government medicating them via the kitchen tap for other conditions?

    The idea of government also adding a mood stabilizer, such as Lithium, to our drinking water to reduce the incidence of suicide sounds laughable, but not if you read ” Lithium in water curbs suicides “, BBC News, 1/5/09

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