N-A Weekly News Digest – 27 December 2010

From N-A blogs:

WANA – Manifesto now available

WANA – Patrick Buchanan: Ethnic-Nationalism returns

ATS – Do you hate the state?

ATS – Encouraging words from a reader

NATA NY – The spy who texted me… big sis invades your iphone

Berrocscir’s Banner – A steady state society

SONAC – Le Royaume

Other news and articles:

Logging moratorium to begin in ninety days for Tasmania’s high conservation forests

GM contamination of organic crop confirmed (Western Australia)

The 30 most important cats of 2010

Strange creature photographed in the backwoods of louisiana

Reindeer eat magic mushrooms to escape winter boredom, scientists say

8000 year old Sun temple found in Bulgaria

Study: Fluoridated water causes brain damage in children

Sandra Bullock: A woman for our time

Troy Southgate: Homeschooling  – creating real alternatives in education

Artificial ‘nano-food’ could soon show up at a store near you

N-A in action, in South Africa

The secret to long life

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New Right Students Association


N-A Weekly News Digest – 9 December 2010

A note from the editor: I can generally post one of these up every week, but sometimes other commitments prevent this, which is what happened last week.

From N-A blogs:

Lingit Latseen: Victory for the T’akdeintaan and Teeyhíttaan clans

NATA NY: Holiday toy drive

NATA NY: A “loophole” to a statist few is a birthright to the majority

NATA NY: The United States “economic civil war”

NATA NY: The social contract exposes Southern Poverty Law Centre

Berrocscir’s banner: Mountain folk must decide

ATS: Paul Gottfried and me: An exchange of left an right and anarchism
Other news and articles:

Andrew Yeoman on tribal nationalism: The wave of the present

Contamination fears mount (GMO in Western Australia)

US sugar beet ban underscores our GE-weakness

Christ is NOT the reason for the season

Australian government joins persecution of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

“For the Australian ruling class, the US alliance is the so-called “bedrock” of its foreign policy. It depends upon Washington’s backing to assert economic and strategic influence in the South Pacific and South East Asia—Canberra’s own “sphere of influence”. The democratic rights, liberty and lives of Australian citizens count for little in comparison.”

Busted!! Wikileaks struck a deal with Israel over cable leaks

Net neutrality, the FCC, Wikileaks and the future of internet freedom.

H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages

S510 food safety bill still alive and may unleash a new army of FDA agents

“Essentially what we have here is a food tyranny bill that would hand a group of un-elected bureaucrats who answer to no one the power to control virtually the entire U.S. food supply.”

The biofuels scam, food shortages and the coming collapse of the human population

The dark side of progress

Something odd about home schooling?

Yodelling offends praying Muslims, say judges

Melbourne store removes golliwog to avoid offending Oprah Winfrey

‘The Hobbit’ accused of racism

Departing ALP member tells of deep Zionist influence in party

Vikings’ barbaric bad rap beginning to fade

OpenLeaks to mimic Wikileaks minus the “political agenda”

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English Green