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  1. I am appalled that your ‘New Right’ group takes the title of Anarchism and its fundamental tenets and twists them to support what is essentially disguised neo-fascism. Race, heritage, and culture are not important in the grand scheme of things, and merely serve to cause division amongst humanity. The fact that you would allow communities to exclude members of a particular race goes against the very ideal of Anarchism: freedom of association. It seems that liberty for you allows defence of the white supremacist doctrine. Behind a veil of your supposedly anarchist ideology lies Nazism without a State.
    Absolute liberty for every member of the human race!

  2. Hello Karl,

    You sound a bit confused about what N-A is about. We are neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’, and certainly not fascists or white supremacists. We completely believe in freedom of association, and take this to mean that we as individuals and communities can decide who we do and don’t want to associate with.

    We believe that multiculturalism shouldn’t be forced on people who don’t want it, and anyone that truly believes in freedom of association would agree with this. We are not forcing our ideals on others, and believe that people should be able to live in the communities of their choosing, which I’m sure you’d agree with if you’re a true anarchist.

    • If you are neither white-supremacist or neo-fascist the choice of the Varg image for your website is inappropriate. I know he rocks, but his political speech is polemic and inconsistent with those who desire an open society. Varg loves dictators unapologetically. The use of is image is polemic.

      • You’re not the first person to comment on Varg, he certainly gets a reaction! We will get around to changing it one day. For the meantime, it is somehow appropriate because Varg’s music is revolutionary and unique, and so is N-A. I don’t know what he’s up to these days with his political beliefs, perhaps the dictator stuff was just for shock value?

  3. I really don’t think coming out against multiculturalism is a good policy. It will only serve to alienate lots of people, who still equate anti-multiculturalism with racism thanks to the misinformation spread by the mass media and the antiquated remnants of the Left.

    The New Right should win the migrants to their cause. Help them establish their own cultural anarchist groups within the context of main stream society, groups that value their own traditions and culture ‘above’ the melting-pot consumerism of our coca-cola democracy. If we can achieve this; if our enemies see us standing together with other people who have different cultural values AGAINST the system, our victory will almost be assured, for we would have divested the idiot leftists of their strongest weapon against us i.e. racism.

    The struggle today is no longer left or right, its the ‘people’ against the power structures and vested interests (multinational corporations and BANKS) who want more than anything to bring about the New World Order. Take away the race card from the left and establishment media, and, ideologically, they will be bankrupt.


    • Hi Alex,

      We like to be clear in what we do believe, and even if we weren’t, I’m sure the establishment and their “AntiFa” goons would find something else to complain about! We have been clear in stating that we believe people should have the right to decide who they want in their communities, whether it be multiculturalism or separatism. We will of course work with any groups against the state, but we must remain honest in who we are.

      Have you seen the African/Indigenous N-A blog and the Alaskan Native one? They’re in our links section here:

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