Federal Police Raid Steve Irwin


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship, Steve Irwin, was raided by Australian Federal Police officers last night. The ship had docked in Hobart at about 5:30pm when AFP officers brandishing a search warrant boarded, thoroughly searching crew members and the ship. Among items confiscated was the ships log and video tapes exposing Japanese whalers slaughtering whales in the Southern Ocean.

Crew members have described the slaughter by whalers as incredibly distressing as the whalers became more brazen. The crew has reported a whale was slaughtered in full view of the Steve Irwin.

The frustration and desperation of the whalers has not only made them more willing to kill whales in front of the Sea Shepherd but more violent towards the activists. The Japanese whalers have thrown scrap metal at activists, and employed water cannons and fired military-grade sonic weapons in an effort to stop the activists from protecting whales.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society remains the only entity that directly confronts the illegal practice of slaughtering whales in a sanctuary. Both the United Nations and the Australian Federal Court have made the commercial slaughter of whales illegal and forbidden whaling in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. Despite these laws, Japanese whalers continue to slaughter thousands of whales each year and the Australian government continues to do nothing!

The Australian government has used the image of Steve Irwin and the environmental spirit of Australians to promote the country on the world stage. Now that the AFP have raided the ship named in honour of Steve Irwin, can the hypocrisy of the Rudd government be hidden any longer? The majority of Australians oppose the whaling in our waters and the continued activism of the 100% volunteer based Sea Shepherd is example of what Australians will do to support those that protect whales from extinction.

What is to come of the police raid on the Sea Shepherd ship? The log book is a record of all the movements the Steve Irwin made on its operation and the video is a damning record of the violent and illegal activities of the Japanese whaling fleet. Captain Paul Watson has made the statement that he is unaware of whether the raid was made in response to complaints by either the Japanese whaling companies (controlled by organised crime groups in Japan) or the Australian government. It should be a worry for all Australians that the Federal Government puts trade relations with Japan before the values of the population and the protection of heavily endangered whale populations.

What can be done to support the Sea Shepherd and tell the government we oppose their support for criminals? The Australian National-Anarchists support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with donations and letters will continue to be written to government officials including Environment Minister, the dishonourable Peter Garrett demanding the government serve the interests of Australians and protect whales in our waters.

We must take a stand to protect our marine life from becoming another subject of history. We cannot wait for the Japanese government to control its whaling companies, we cannot expect government to enforce its own laws. The Sea Shepherd is the only entity preventing the extinction of whales and it is the duty of everyone to support them in their time of need.

Support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

Write protest letters to the following “representatives of the people:”

Minister for Trade
The Hon Simon Crean, MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs
The Hon Stephen Smith, MP

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
The Hon Peter Garrett, AM, MP

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
The Hon Julie Bishop, MP

Shadow Minister for Trade, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Leader of the Nationals
The Hon Warren Truss, MP

Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water
The Hon Greg Hunt, MP


Australian Bushfire Tragedy


Australian National-Anarchists have watched in horror as massive fires have devastated the breadth of Victoria over the past week. Abnormally high temperatures in one of our driest drought periods ever, along with changing wind conditions has paved the way for bushfires to spread right across Victoria. Some towns have been totally destroyed, including many historical landmarks totally lost to history. The official death toll at time of writing stands at 173 but is predicted to rise above 200 as searches of fire ravaged towns continue. Many people have been hospitalised with horrific injuries, many more left homeless and missing family members.

Tragedy and devastation like this hasn’t been seen by Australians in a long time, very few have had such events strike so close to home. Some National-Anarchists have friends and family living in the fire regions, some even know people who have lost everything. There is nobody in Victoria that hasn’t been touched somehow by this tragedy and everybody should feel as sense of loss and empathy for those that lost those close to them.

We should honour those volunteers in the Red Cross, CFA, SES and the others that have dedicated their time and even risked their lives to help people and to protect their communities. A community isn’t built on economy or citizenship but on the people that live and participate in them. Those brave individuals that put their lives on the line are the sort every National-Anarchist and every person should aspire to be. It is through volunteering, putting your hand up and doing your duty that things happen in this world – too many people sit back and wait for somebody else or even government to do what needs to be done.

National-Anarchists put a high priority on being involved in the community and taking part in community services and activities. Every National-Anarchist should be finding something they can do to contribute to their local community. Giving blood at the Red Cross is easy and not enough is given by people. We have National-Anarchists involved in volunteer fire brigades, a few of those have been on the frontline fighting the fires. The training, mateship and responsibility of being a volunteer makes it worthwhile and fulfilling – you will feel as if you really achieved something!

In light of the massive devastation we have seen in the towns through the fire regions, we need to remind governments and anybody else who doubts the facts – Nature is the boss!!

Australia has always been a sunburnt country, the indigenous people knew this well. If we want to live in rural areas (definitely better than the cities), we need to be prepared and live sustainably so the next time fire comes the tragic loss of life will be minimal. Rural houses may need a fire-proof, underground refuge to protect life and property when the fires head for homes. Planned and sustainable burn offs may be another way to minimise bushfire disasters. This is a role for the communities living in these regions to make, Nature will strike and all we can do is prepare for the worst.


I encourage National-Anarchists and our readers to get out there and give blood, the Red Cross will be needing more and more donations in the coming months as supplies are drained. If you’re not already, get involved in some sort of volunteer service – you will meet great people, learn new skills and be providing a service to your community.

May we all work together to overcome this tragedy and work towards a better tomorrow!

BANA Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser

The Bay Area National-Anarchists have established a fundraiser to raise money for research in to Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that a family member of a BANA activist suffers with every day. Anybody that can support the BANA network in raising money to research and defeat Cystic Fibrosis, please do so!


What We’ve Achieved


It’s only been a short few years since National-Anarchism appeared on the Australian scene as a radical social alternative to global capitalism. The introduction of National-Anarchist ideas was fairly low key – mostly by word of mouth and friends telling friends about various websites and articles. In a very short time a number of people, some long-time activists and others fairly new to politics began working together to build a National-Anarchist movement. The network since has participated in many activist projects and demonstrations, as well as working with and helping other groups in various activities. In this article I will take a look at the different things the National-Anarchists have achieved and what we hope to achieve in the future.

APEC 2007

The idea was to offer a nationalist perspective on globalisation and capitalism, an alternative that did not mean just another brand of internationalism. The National-Anarchists had worked with the New Right and various nationalist activists in the lead up to the demonstration. The activists, many from different backgrounds and sometimes differing ideologies came together to march as a black bloc against the global elite exploiting people in the name of profit. Needless to say, the dogmatic elements of the left didn’t want to share what had for so long been a monopoly of public protest – our activists were abused for hours but stood their ground.

The APEC rally was the first time in years that tribalist and nationalist activists organised at a large scale demonstration in Australia. Not all of those present were National-Anarchists but since that day, the dogmatic left have targeted National-Anarchism as a threat to their control of radical politics.

Networking and Inverell 2008

After APEC the goals were to network amongst other activist groups, meet and talk to people not yet familiar with National-Anarchism and promote our ideas through different mediums. National-Anarchists made contacts with many relevant groups; including political lobby groups, environmentalist groups and ethnic social clubs. The key to moving forward is to make contact with and work with those with similar aims and values as your own group – the networking principle.

In March of 2008, a handful of National-Anarchist activists attended the annual Inverell Forum in lovely NSW. The activists came from all over the country and drove up to share National-Anarchist ideas with the wide variety of people in attendance. Many people were interested in what we had to say and many fliers were handed out, along with publications bought. Inverell is definitely a sign that free speech is not dead in Australia.

Asia Tour

A project of great scrutiny and contention was the National-Anarchist Asia Tour. The extreme right declared us commies and “race traitors” for even daring to visit the homelands of what they deem “subhumans.” The left were utterly confused as to why National-Anarchists whom they deem “nazis” would consider going to spend time in South-East Asia. The National-Anarchists advocate a natural and autonomous existence, contrary to the materialist and culture-less society the West is becoming. We see those living in the “third world” as being more at one with their own identity and more independent of global capitalism – National-Anarchists went there to learn from their example.

The lessons learnt were significant – South-East Asians are as much a victim of corporate media and advertising as the West, the best way to fight capitalism and globalisation is to stay close to your own community and cultural identity, mass migration to the West from other countries is the fault of global capitalists rather than the migrants. Much of what was learned on the trip could have been taught from a book but being there, living and conversing with the inhabitants made it so much more revealing.

Free Tibet!


The National-Anarchists advocate cultural self-determination and autonomy as an integral part of our movement. The treatment of the Tibetan people by the Chinese Communist Party was one of colonisation and imperialism through mass immigration. Thousands of Han Chinese were being sent in to Tibet, displacing indigenous Tibetans while the CCP eliminated Tibetan rights, even exiling their spiritual leaders. The Tibetans fought back against the incredible force of the CCP, often being killed and arrested as a result.

Tibetan activists intended on demonstrating in Canberra during the Beijing Olympics torch relay, similar to other Tibet protests around the world. Thousands of pro-CCP activists intended on attending in response to the Tibetans. The National-Anarchists would also attend! On the day, a few hundred Tibetans were in attendance, facing twenty thousand CCP activists – mostly Chinese Australians and international students. The Chinese demonstrators harassed and bullied the Tibetans, in a similar fashion to the CCP at home. The National-Anarchists were quick to defend the Tibetans, even showing solidarity by standing behind the same banner. Cultural self-determination is a right the National-Anarchists will fight for!

May Day Rally

The Marxists have held workers rights rallies on May Day in Australia for decades, their monopoly on workers issues had to end. The National-Anarchists attended this rally in solidarity for Australia workers against corporate greed. Not long after arriving, a socialist thug was quick to make threats and bully the activists for turning up. It seemed demonstrating in the name of workers rights was only okay if you were accepted by the Marxists – we did not agree. Inevitably, the militant and revolutionary Marxist had the police remove our activists from the demo.

The rest of the day was still productive, we spent some time at Docklands speaking to young people about various issues and ideas. Plenty of National-Anarchist stickers were put up around the place and many photos were taken. Politics is not just attending a few rallies, political activism is spending time every day spreading the word and making a difference.

Guerrilla Gardening and No Censorship

In between frequent sticker campaigns, social get togethers and all the personal work that goes in to radical activism, a small band of National-Anarchists have been planting gardens. The gardens are in various places – in three major cities, various suburbs around the place and some even on abandoned property. The gardens are relaxing, tending to them together is great for team bonding and the food they produce are organic and delicious! The gardens may be a small part of our activism but the fun and teamwork that goes in to it makes it some of the most rewarding.

More recently, in response to Senator Conroy and his calls to filter the internet a public movement has formed in opposition. The National-Anarchists attended one of these rallies in December of 2008, holding a placard calling for free speech against censorship. The fight against internet filtering continues and so the National-Anarchists will continue working with those involved and attending rallies to fight against the proposal of Government deciding what Australians can and can’t see on the internet.

Power to People

What’s Next?

This is only a small summary of what we’ve achieved since APEC 2007. Obviously much goes on behind the scenes that is just as significant as what happens in the public eye. We are trying to become the most active radical movement in Australia, while being one of the youngest this will be a mean feat. If you find National-Anarchism to be appealing to you and wish to become involved in activism like I’ve described above, please do contact us and get involved.

In 2009 and beyond we plan more publicising of information, more leaflets and booklets to be made available, we are planning more rallies and public activism. There is nothing we cannot achieve when we have the dedicated people and determination to make a positive change in the world.

Keep up to date with our activities and if you’re not yet, GET INVOLVED!