N-A Weekly News Digest – 27 November 2010

SONAC – Save seed while you can!

NATA NY – China, Russia quit dollar

ATS – Afghanistan: The last hurrah of the American Empire

Other news and articles:

Hate speech or free speech?

How (not to) organize a community

The grass roofs of Norway

Save the Black Cat

Sorry to break the bad news, but ‘anti-racism’ is actually racist

On the anniversary of Climategate the Watermelons show their true colours

Urban farms provide enough produce to sustain most of Detroit

The most evil bill in American history

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as big government claims ownership over our water (USA)

Wi-Fi makes trees sick, study says

Spy scandal as 5 scandinavian governments catch US watching their citizens

What is, must be

Six rules for white advocacy -Excellent article relevant for all activists

New websites:
Hex Folk Market

N-A weekly news digest – 18 November 2010

From N-A blogs:

Introducing New York National Anarchist Tribal Alliance – Their blog has heaps of new posts to read

N-A in South Africa

WA National-Anarchists: German people inunprecedented rebellion against German government!

Lingit Latseen – Yakutat vs. Geohedral LLC update

ATS – Paul Craig Roberts on the state of the system

ATS – Raimondo on the joke the left has become

ATS – Harlem minister says boycott gentrification

Other news and articles:

Sylvia Plath: Stasis in darkness

Bisphenol A: Officially declared a toxic substance in Canada

Big pharma to begin microchipping drugs

‘More ghosts’ after earthquake

Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?

GMO soy bringing poverty, poor health to South America

Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’

Youtube video: Monet

None flew over the cuckoo’s nest: A world without birds – Worrying article about the effects of insecticide use

US Senate bill S 510 food safety modernization act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds! – The nanny state, always looking out for our “safety” at the expense of our freedom…

N-A weekly news digest – 11 November 2010

From N-A websites:

Berrocscir’s Banner – Diversity is strength

SONAC – Victory in Oakville

SONAC – Blood, soil and water

African/Indigenous N-As – Black children do not need a western style education

African/Indigenous N-As – Thoughts on the economy

African/Indigenous N-As – Why I support N-A

BANA – Tim Wise on genocide against White Americans

ATS – Critique of the alternative right by an “Anti-Fascist” leftist

ATS – A mainstream libertarian almost gets it

ATS – NSC study shows that you’re more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist

ATS – Tuesdays election – things are moving along as expected

Other news and articles:

In very recent societies, our basic ‘right’ is to vote, form unions, protest, or go to law (i.e. to support professional classes). Truly basic rights to grow or protect forests, to build a shelter, grow food, or provide water from our roof areas are commonly denied by local or state regulations. – Bill Mollison “Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual”, p. 509.

How to establish a small space intensive food garden

The Tasmanian Autonomous Zone used a similar method of piling up the soil from the pathways to make raised beds.  It’s great for increasing the amount of topsoil in the growing area, improves drainage and requires no retaining walls or other expensive stuff brought in to keep the beds at that height.

Tolkien VS The Beatles

UN calls for higher taxes to combat climate warning

Time to tell the UN to sod off!

TSA agents gone wild: Fondling little children, planting cocaine in passenger bags and more

Boa constrictors can have babies without mating, new evidence shows

Experts reveal brutal Viking massacre in Oxford

Against kamikae capitalism: Oil, climate change and the French refinery blockades

42 million dollar scam with holocaust fund, says US

N-A news digest – 5 November 2010

From N-A websites:

On this website we have posted an excellent article by a comrade overseas – “What being a tribal anarchist means to me”

BANA – Action against who?

ATS – The left on the march for sanity

ATS – Is the U.S. a fascist police state?

ATS – Were there african american confederates?

ATS – Is this shit for real?

ATS – U.S. crime – don’t call the police, they won’t be responding!

Other news and articles:

A short Youtube video of a lion meeting its rescuer after some time apart

The race to buy up the world’s water

Dozens of shipwrecks in Norwegian lakes

Old Russia in colour – the photographs of Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky

Can meditation change your brain? Contemplative neuroscientists believe it can

Into Africa? Fossils suggest earliest anthropoids colonised Africa

ADHD misdiagnosed in nearly 1 million U.S kids, say researchers

Terrorism act: No terror arrests made after 100,000 stop-and-searches

Fighting ‘hate’ for profit and power: The SPLC’s political agenda up close

4-year-old can be sued, judge rules in bike case

Who were the red-haired giants of early North America?

Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials invalidated

Mullets are officially illegal in Iran

How ghosts, superstitions and vampires have been used for psychological warfare

Don’t listen to the liberals – right-wingers really are nicer people, latest research shows.

A feast for the eyes: The artist who can turn a market stall into a masterpiece

Airport body scanners under pressure: Experts now warn x-ray devices “could give you cancer”

Bronze Age hoard found intact in Essex field

African economics expert: “For god’s sake, please stop the aid!”

Indian protestor take it to the streets in defiance of GM crops

Kimberley’s first ‘marine park’ protects mining not whales – we need your help

Will US Patent Office end gene patent enslavement of the human race?

“Theoretically, such patents actually give corporations the right to charge royalties when couples reproduce because by having a baby, you are “replicating” a patented gene without permission. Thus, you could be guilty of patent violation and be forced to pay a royalty to the patent owner.”

What Being A “Tribal Anarchist” Means To Me

I have had some people inquire about the term “tribal anarchist.” They often view such a term as an oxymoron. Looking at the strict individual definition of anarchy it would make sense to view it as such. Anarchy tends to follow the definition of having no authority or being without rule. When added to the tribal, which denotes a group and thus an organisation we see the apparent condradiction more clearly. However, what is often ignored is that the term can be befiting of groups. Groups of anarchists are not strange in the history of man. Anarchists congregate together often and have a group mentality of “us vs. them.” What is the bond? it is usually reduced to “do what you want to do, just don’t hurt anyone else.” Over time this philosophy obviously leads to fracturing and different groups by basic human nature.

So what is different about tribal anarchism? What does it mean? Tribal anarchism is first off, based on sovereignty of the individual. The individual chooses his tribe and values so this cannot be negated in the course of nature. The individual chooses which people to associate with usually based on common values, family, etc. each tribal group will therfore be different though possibly sharing many values and ideas. Secondly,tribal anarchism is based on the sovereignty of the group, which imo is why tribal comes before anarchist. Each group has its needs and structure, no matter how “anarchistic” the individuals claim to be. Structure is not the enemy of the anarch when the structure fits the anarchs worldview. The individual who claims no affiliation with any other human or any value system is a nihilist, not an anarchist. The major difference between tribal anarchism and regular anrchism that I see is admitting this fact, admitting that in the course of nature we group ourselves together with specific people and ideas, seek out similiar minds and work toward making those things reality.

Tribalism is simply this gathering together. As there are diverse people groups, ideas, values, religions we believe that each and every group has a right to gather together into a cohesive, sovereign whole and to have full right to decide how they shall live and be without interference from another group. This makes room for the diversity in nature and does not have the falsity of “do what you want to as long as you harm no one else”, which as mentioned, is unsustainable within the same group either ideologically or realistically. tribal anarchism throws out the bullshit utopian visions that have never been able to become relaity in the earth. Instead it relies on the will of the group to stand as sovereign and to defend its own, which again fits the laws of nature very well.

For my own part my tribe is simple. It is literally my family. They come first. We are sovereign and if I deem anything outside of that to be a hinderance to our freedoms they will be addressed as such. Second it is the people who I have relationships with close to me like friends and neighbors. Third, those who ideologically share my values, beliefs, etc no matter where they may be geographically. These beliefs have to do with blood, our common ancestors, genetic memory and goals for the future, and for the sake of my children a moral code. Their religion is not so important to me, but values like honor and integrity are.

I personally believe that we are eventually heading to a balkanisation because so many varied groups are fighting to draw from the same well. As nature takes her course people will group up according to some of the things I have addressed. Family and blood will be first and foremost and then there will be groups who mix and mingle. When this happens the natural progression to tribal anarchy will take place. Out of this there will be times of war, times of peace like under any other human endeavor. Eventually smaller groups will combine with like-minded groups and form nation states and the whole human drama can start over again.

The anarchist claims to support individual freedom. To do so they have to support the rights of indivduals to align themselves with groups. Whether they do support such things or not will not change the course of time. My family is my tribe. My blood runs through my son as my father’s blood runs through me, and in so being, my father’s blood runs through my son. His father’s blood runs through all of us. This goes back to our beginning. That beginning is contained in us and the memories of triumphs and struggles are in our DNA. They shaped our genetic traits, the way our minds work and give expression to our potential. To NOT honor such a thing and choose associations wisely in this world is to spit in the face of eternity and time which helped shape who we are. It is to rebel against yourself.