Oppose Internet Censorship


Since 2006, the Labor Party (then in Opposition) have been pushing to implement mandatory internet censorship in Australia. The censorship would be forced upon the Australian people and internet providers would be forced to participate in the controls. When the Labor Government took power in 2007, they formulated the censorship plan as being official policy and Minister for Communications, Senator Conroy, has been directing the policy ever since.

The general public have been given little information on the plans. Needless to say, the Government have used the same methods always used by Government to take liberty away from the people. Mandatory censorship has been promoted as the only solution to the child pornography industry and the networking of paedophiles on the internet. The Rudd Government knows very well that to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, they can make the emotional cry of protecting the children. Anybody that opposes must support child abuse, incest and rape.

The Government knows very well that their plans will not solve the child pornography problem. Experts have made it clear that websites play a minor role in the distribution of child abuse material and paedophiles network using means that cannot be simply banned by Government. Any form of censorship will serve only to force paedophiles further underground and make the detection of paedophile networks and protection of children more difficult than ever.

The Federal Government has also made it easier for these websites to be found. The ACMA blacklist featuring the prohibited websites was recently leaked to the anti-censorship website Wikileaks.org. Senator Conroy initially denied the list was legitimate but now faces the embarrassment of making a list containing hundreds of websites of child abuse material available to anyone that would want to find it. What more could anybody expect? If something is banned, people will always find a way to make it available.

Besides of being notoriously inept at protecting children, the mandatory filtering opens up a whole new world of political control and nanny-statism. Senator Conroy has stated that political content will not be banned and that political content is protected by the relevant Act. Conroy can say what he likes, we know how politics works and we know that every inch we give to parliament, they will take a mile. What will begin with seemingly harmless banning of pornography leaves the Australian public wide open to creeping increases in free speech material being banned under any number of excuses. The National-Anarchists reject any parliamentary censorship of material and the reason we give can be summed up simply, “any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” – Benjamin Franklin.

The video below is a recent episode of the ABC programme Q and A, the programme runs for an hour and most of that is members of the public criticising and questioning Senator Conroy on his plans to blacklist and ban what people can see on the internet. One individual reminded Senator Conroy that 1984 is a warning, not an instruction manual!

See the video and transcript at Q and A.
Download the video: Q and A (200mb)

The Australian public deserve to be able to moderate their own consumption of information. Australian parents deserve to be able to choose how to protect their children from harm. The Government does not know what is best for us and by imposing this mandatory censorship they prove once again that they are not representative of, nor responsible to the Australian public. When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty!


Why We Are National-Anarchists

As part of the March social gathering of the Midgard Magpie collective, a short video was compiled featuring our activists giving a brief explanation of what a National-Anarchist is and what motivates them as National-Anarchists.

This video is one of many more to come from the Victorian National-Anarchists.

March National-Anarchist Gathering


A gathering of National-Anarchists was held in a beautiful garden atmosphere in Geelong yesterday. The social gathering included members of the Midgard Magpie collective of Victoria and a special guest from Tasmania. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the Autumn Equinox or what would be Ostara in Europe. The 21st is also Harmony Day in Australia and even “WPWW Day” among white nationalists. Yesterday also saw about 150 anti-censorship activists converge on Canberra to demonstrate against Senator Conroy and his internet censorship plan.

The day began with a sort of picnic lunch in the beautiful botanical gardens, observing a couple of weddings and catching up on recent events. The main topic of discussion was a recent National-Anarchist conservation tour of Tasmania which will be reported on in the near future, keep checking back for more.

The group brainstormed various topics and came up with some good ideas. A video was also made on the day with the intent on promoting the ideas of National-Anarchism to an online audience, everyone should keep up to date with this website as it will be made available soon.

The event was very successful and cheery and it once again rings true that National-Anarchists know how to enjoy themselves.


Making a Difference

The Urbanisation of Hamilton

By a Hamilton National-Anarchist


Recently it seems that we are seeing housing estates pop up everywhere around Hamilton. If you live in the Hamilton region you have probably already heard about plans from VicUrban development to release 300 lots of land on the edge of lake Hamilton.

Obviously this is a long term project spanning over a ten year period. At the weekend launch of this program around 300 people attended, yet only one block of land was sold.

Builders and homeowners are required to install rain water tanks which will be plumbed to the toilet, laundry and hot water system. Apparently this is their idea of sustainable building. However building on this area is not sustainable at all. Not only will it create much unwanted noise pollution, but it will also increase the amount of traffic on Ballarat road. From an environmental perspective, it will destroy natural habits of animals and birds which inhabit the land, and also destroy the scenery of Lake Hamilton.

Do people really want to live in artificially made communities?

These houses that are being produced in the estates are not unique in the slightest but look overly modern for a rural town.

Obviously this is an example of a major company trying to make a quick buck at the expense of a rural community. People of Hamilton need to remember that we are a rural community and not a suburb in a capital city. If this sort of building continues within Hamilton we will eventually end up with a concrete jungle of ticky-tacky houses that look the same.

Say NO to the Lakes Edge housing estates!

For more information on VicUrban, the State Government agency responsible for this venture in to Hamilton, see their website. The development in Hamilton does not represent the interests of the people of Hamilton, the urbanisation of Hamilton is not sustainable and will inevitably change the character of this rural community forever. National-Anarchists in the Hamilton area and throughout Victoria will never allow these commercial invasions in to local communities to go unanswered.

Torquay Urbanisation? Say NO!


As any resident of the Greater Geelong region will tell you, Torquay and the surrounding areas are a great place to visit to enjoy the beach, the shops and the community spirit. Torquay, Jan Juc, Ocean Grove and Anglesea specifically are great little beach communities that really represent the close knit community and positive lifestyle that comes with living on the coast. The shops and cafes are a great place to begin your day, followed by a walk on some of the most beautiful and spotless beaches in the world. The residents of these beach towns are probably some of the most environmentally aware of any other community in Australia and you bet they’re proud of it!

Despite being about half an hour out of Geelong, the second biggest city in Victoria, the Surf Coast Shire has remained relatively free of large commercial developments and urbanisation. Geelong residents have been noticing the encroaching commercialisation of their town, with developments making the main shopping centre of Geelong look uncannily like the Myer centre in Melbourne. Geelong residents escape the changing climate of their hometown by holidaying at the pristine beaches at their doorstep, could anybody imagine these changing as well?!

In an urban growth plan designed as part of the so-called “Great Ocean Road Region Strategy 2004,” 700 hectares of land in the Torquay and Jan Juc area would be turned in to housing. The thirty year plan would see the population of Torquay triple in number, totally changing the cultural climate of the entire region. The population increase would bring with it a massive increase in traffic, a massive increase in waste and more drain on already dwindling resources. The development would potentially destroy large amounts of fauna and flora living in the area and place an unbelievable strain on the local environment. The influx of population in to the area would change the entire feel of Torquay and the surrounding region. There would no longer be a close knit community spirit, the always cheery locals would very quickly be the same overworked and dreary people seen in the highly urbanised suburbs. If the development went ahead, the Surf Coast shire would never be the same again!

Needless to say, local residents have made their voices heard on the matter. People from throughout the Surf Coast shire and Greater Geelong; including residents, business owners, surf lovers, families and activists made up the 3000 strong presence at the Red Rally on February 22. The concerns heard were all about the needs of the community and what would happen to the community if the development went ahead. The facilities and resources of the town can’t cope, the environment can’t cope, the population increase is not sustainable and the people of the community should have the final say in any proposed development.

In response to the convincing outcry and protest from residents, the State Member for South Barwon Michael Crutchfield and Federal Member for Corangamite Darren Cheeseman have both called for the development plans to be reviewed. The council is expected to make their decision in April or May, they should hope it is the right one. Greater Geelong National-Anarchists will continue to watch this issue and offer support to local residents in ensuring that their community is not changed in the name of crass commercial interests and the greed of political and big business figures. It should be made quite clear to Surf Coast shire Councillors and the State and Federal MP’s that Torquay is a community where the people know what they want and they know the community is their own. The people of Torquay need to look at what is best for their community and by ensuring they maintain a sustainable local economy, sustainable use of the environment and a sustainable population they can keep the same community they have enjoyed for their children and grandchildren in the future!

Further developments and information on this issue will be posted here as it becomes available.