National-Anarchist Movement Australia at Free Palestine Rally



Antifa™ attack on BANA

We are sorry to hear of the attack made on our Bay Area comrades, and wish them a quick recovery.

The antifa never stop to ask themselves how they can physically attack dissidents in broad daylight without having to worry about this “fascist” government laying a finger on them. That’s because they ARE the government. They ARE the regime. They are the street-level enforcement arm of the international bankers and multinational corporations they allege to oppose. Every totalitarian regime relies on a street-level mob of ruffians to enforce the status quo and the current one is no exception. If you’re wearing a mask, have the blood of political dissidents on your boots, and you’re on the side that’s sponsored by Kraft Foods™, then you might be the “fascist”.

Freedom from Fluoride in Melbourne


The growing Geelong anti-fluoridation campaign took to the steps of Parliament on Wednesday in order to strengthen the broader campaign, along with fellow groups throughout Victoria. The Barwon Freedom from Fluoridation organisation also presented an open letter to the Minister for Health, Daniel Andrews, demanding the immediate end to fluoridation in the whole of Victoria. The protest was over 100 strong at it’s height and included concerned individuals from Geelong, Melbourne, Castlemaine and various other parts of Victoria. Opposition to fluoridation is definitely not just a small issue hidden away in Geelong, many Victorians are angry that they have not been consulted, let alone given active consent.

National-Anarchists attended the event, taking video footage and distributing informative pamphlets to other protestors and passers by. It is a disturbing reality that since the beginning of this fluoridation campaign, National-Anarchists have been the only radical political movement to become involved and express support against such an attack on democratic and civil freedoms. There has been no support from the wider Anarchist movement, no other Nationalist involvement, the closest to broader political co-operation has been individual Greens members, a Democratic Labor Party MP and individual trade unionists. How can we truly confront the problem of “representative” democracy is we will only co-operate on the really big issues. Fluoridation is an issue that affects people in their local communities, directly in their homes, it touches them much more closely and critically than global capitalism or climate change.

Besides of the let down from fellow anti-establishment activists, the rally was largely succesful. Victorian National-Anarchists have continued to network with people from across the state, also conducting an interview with a popular YouTube journalist. The broader campaign against fluoridation has been let down by the complete lack of mainstream media attention but what more can we expect, the media has no intention of covering real issues – we have the means, we need to make our own media!

Our video of the days events is here, there will be more news on the forced fluoridation issue as it develops.


Now Available: National-Anarchist Zine!


The Midgard Magpie collective is pleased to announce the first edition of our new A5 zine, ready for distribution. The zine has been produced through the hardwork of our activists and supporters, with a focus on sharing National-Anarchist ideas with the general public – especially the youth. The National-Anarchist Zine (NAZ) offers commentary on anarchism, tribalism and local issues.

Issue #1 includes –

What is Anarchy?
Hard hitting poetry by Anonymgeist
Buy Local
Forced Fluoridation
Movie Review – Fight Club
Book Review – Tradition & Revolution

and lots more!

Copies are available directly from the collective for $2 each to cover printing costs, a reduced rate is available for bulk orders. For our international comrades, due to the high cost of postage, we’re offering all zines at the reduced rate plus postage

If you’d like a copy of the zine or want to organise a subscription to future zines, please contact us at or through the contact page. Donations through PayPal can be made to the same email.

We’d like to thank everybody that’s supported the collective so far, our successes are due to our activists and comrades time and efforts!

What We’ve Achieved


It’s only been a short few years since National-Anarchism appeared on the Australian scene as a radical social alternative to global capitalism. The introduction of National-Anarchist ideas was fairly low key – mostly by word of mouth and friends telling friends about various websites and articles. In a very short time a number of people, some long-time activists and others fairly new to politics began working together to build a National-Anarchist movement. The network since has participated in many activist projects and demonstrations, as well as working with and helping other groups in various activities. In this article I will take a look at the different things the National-Anarchists have achieved and what we hope to achieve in the future.

APEC 2007

The idea was to offer a nationalist perspective on globalisation and capitalism, an alternative that did not mean just another brand of internationalism. The National-Anarchists had worked with the New Right and various nationalist activists in the lead up to the demonstration. The activists, many from different backgrounds and sometimes differing ideologies came together to march as a black bloc against the global elite exploiting people in the name of profit. Needless to say, the dogmatic elements of the left didn’t want to share what had for so long been a monopoly of public protest – our activists were abused for hours but stood their ground.

The APEC rally was the first time in years that tribalist and nationalist activists organised at a large scale demonstration in Australia. Not all of those present were National-Anarchists but since that day, the dogmatic left have targeted National-Anarchism as a threat to their control of radical politics.

Networking and Inverell 2008

After APEC the goals were to network amongst other activist groups, meet and talk to people not yet familiar with National-Anarchism and promote our ideas through different mediums. National-Anarchists made contacts with many relevant groups; including political lobby groups, environmentalist groups and ethnic social clubs. The key to moving forward is to make contact with and work with those with similar aims and values as your own group – the networking principle.

In March of 2008, a handful of National-Anarchist activists attended the annual Inverell Forum in lovely NSW. The activists came from all over the country and drove up to share National-Anarchist ideas with the wide variety of people in attendance. Many people were interested in what we had to say and many fliers were handed out, along with publications bought. Inverell is definitely a sign that free speech is not dead in Australia.

Asia Tour

A project of great scrutiny and contention was the National-Anarchist Asia Tour. The extreme right declared us commies and “race traitors” for even daring to visit the homelands of what they deem “subhumans.” The left were utterly confused as to why National-Anarchists whom they deem “nazis” would consider going to spend time in South-East Asia. The National-Anarchists advocate a natural and autonomous existence, contrary to the materialist and culture-less society the West is becoming. We see those living in the “third world” as being more at one with their own identity and more independent of global capitalism – National-Anarchists went there to learn from their example.

The lessons learnt were significant – South-East Asians are as much a victim of corporate media and advertising as the West, the best way to fight capitalism and globalisation is to stay close to your own community and cultural identity, mass migration to the West from other countries is the fault of global capitalists rather than the migrants. Much of what was learned on the trip could have been taught from a book but being there, living and conversing with the inhabitants made it so much more revealing.

Free Tibet!


The National-Anarchists advocate cultural self-determination and autonomy as an integral part of our movement. The treatment of the Tibetan people by the Chinese Communist Party was one of colonisation and imperialism through mass immigration. Thousands of Han Chinese were being sent in to Tibet, displacing indigenous Tibetans while the CCP eliminated Tibetan rights, even exiling their spiritual leaders. The Tibetans fought back against the incredible force of the CCP, often being killed and arrested as a result.

Tibetan activists intended on demonstrating in Canberra during the Beijing Olympics torch relay, similar to other Tibet protests around the world. Thousands of pro-CCP activists intended on attending in response to the Tibetans. The National-Anarchists would also attend! On the day, a few hundred Tibetans were in attendance, facing twenty thousand CCP activists – mostly Chinese Australians and international students. The Chinese demonstrators harassed and bullied the Tibetans, in a similar fashion to the CCP at home. The National-Anarchists were quick to defend the Tibetans, even showing solidarity by standing behind the same banner. Cultural self-determination is a right the National-Anarchists will fight for!

May Day Rally

The Marxists have held workers rights rallies on May Day in Australia for decades, their monopoly on workers issues had to end. The National-Anarchists attended this rally in solidarity for Australia workers against corporate greed. Not long after arriving, a socialist thug was quick to make threats and bully the activists for turning up. It seemed demonstrating in the name of workers rights was only okay if you were accepted by the Marxists – we did not agree. Inevitably, the militant and revolutionary Marxist had the police remove our activists from the demo.

The rest of the day was still productive, we spent some time at Docklands speaking to young people about various issues and ideas. Plenty of National-Anarchist stickers were put up around the place and many photos were taken. Politics is not just attending a few rallies, political activism is spending time every day spreading the word and making a difference.

Guerrilla Gardening and No Censorship

In between frequent sticker campaigns, social get togethers and all the personal work that goes in to radical activism, a small band of National-Anarchists have been planting gardens. The gardens are in various places – in three major cities, various suburbs around the place and some even on abandoned property. The gardens are relaxing, tending to them together is great for team bonding and the food they produce are organic and delicious! The gardens may be a small part of our activism but the fun and teamwork that goes in to it makes it some of the most rewarding.

More recently, in response to Senator Conroy and his calls to filter the internet a public movement has formed in opposition. The National-Anarchists attended one of these rallies in December of 2008, holding a placard calling for free speech against censorship. The fight against internet filtering continues and so the National-Anarchists will continue working with those involved and attending rallies to fight against the proposal of Government deciding what Australians can and can’t see on the internet.

Power to People

What’s Next?

This is only a small summary of what we’ve achieved since APEC 2007. Obviously much goes on behind the scenes that is just as significant as what happens in the public eye. We are trying to become the most active radical movement in Australia, while being one of the youngest this will be a mean feat. If you find National-Anarchism to be appealing to you and wish to become involved in activism like I’ve described above, please do contact us and get involved.

In 2009 and beyond we plan more publicising of information, more leaflets and booklets to be made available, we are planning more rallies and public activism. There is nothing we cannot achieve when we have the dedicated people and determination to make a positive change in the world.

Keep up to date with our activities and if you’re not yet, GET INVOLVED!

Welcome to National-Anarchists AUS/NZ

Welcome to the website dedicated to National-Anarchism in Australia and New Zealand. The website will feature news and information for and about our activism and the ideals we pursue. We have used various blogs and networking sites in the past to share our ideas, now we are excited to have our own website. Here you can expect to find reports, essays, interviews and exclusive activist related content of interest to National-Anarchists and radicals of all sorts.

The Australian National-Anarchists are a network of activists that advocate decentralised communities, economic self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability and cultural independence as an alternative to liberalism, globalisation and capitalism. We believe that capitalism is an inherently exploitative system that places profits before the interests of people and is antithesis to a healthy and free existence as an individual. We consider globalisation to be the destruction of unique cultural identities in this world and the creation of a bland, materialist pseudo-culture based upon corporate symbolism. We oppose liberalism in all its forms, especially the Orwellian political correctness and nanny-statism that is increasingly surrounding our societies.

National-Anarchists advocate autonomous local communities. Our communities would be economically self-sufficient and the participants would be able to pursue their own destinies and live according to their will. We believe in cultural and religious freedom and the right to self-determination based on these diverse and unique identities. We advocate an economy that puts the interests of the community first – promoting self-sufficiency and meeting community needs. National-Anarchists advocate entirely stateless societies; we believe in voluntary association and organic leadership without coercion.

National-Anarchists are organised throughout the world. Australian National-Anarchists work closely with our comrades internationally to support each other in finding local solutions to our global problems. We also work with various other groups that agree with our aims. Australian National-Anarchists have ties with the Mathaba News Network, New Right AUS/NZ, American Revolutionary Vanguard, CORRUPT, GetUp Australia and more. National-Anarchist activists are also involved in local volunteer organisations, serving their local communities with real action.

National-Anarchists are involved in community activism, political demonstrations, self-sufficiency and permaculture projects, various political workshops and many more projects that promote and advance our ideas and values. We look forward to more people becoming involved in our network and helping to create a better alternative to the current trend of global capitalism.

Thank you for checking us out, stay tuned for much more to come!