Myki Invasion

The following article is an examination and critique of the State governments plan to install a new ticketing system, Myki. The system is based on a debit card that works in the same way as a ticket but contains money. The system has already been trialled in Geelong and has failed miserably.

Written by a Ballarat National-Anarchist, from the Ballarat N-A blog.


Myki is coming to Ballarat on Monday the 6th of April, with it comes confusion and a lot of people wondering why so much money has been chucked at this unnecessary system.  The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” will be ringing in the back of many people’s heads.  Not only is it useless, it is also more difficult to work than “hand the bus driver change”.  Sure, it’s just like scanning an item at the store and we will learn to adapt and get used to it, but that is not the point.

Learning Curve

A new “swipe card” like system that works on recharging, like prepaid phone credit, it may be easier for some people.  However, the government has left the others behind.  I have heard MANY elderly people complaining about the system and trying to piece it together.  Many have been left asking “what’s the point?”.  How many people will we see struggling just to get on a bus?  Also, disabled and handicapped people will face a challenge reaching for it and need steady hands for it to register.  It seems the neediest are the least cared for.  “Float or drown.” Let’s just see how it plays out.

Waste of Money?

ONE POINT THREE BILLION!!!!  Are you kidding?  Sadly, we are not.  Not only is this practically no better than the system already in place, it also cost a HUGE amount and there are still problems with it.  Apparently there is nothing else Australia could need with that amount of money than a jazzed up public transport ticket system, will it make life easier?  For that price it should serve drinks and tell you the weather for the week.  Could this money have gone to homeless shelters?  Donations?  Bush Fire victims?  Red Cross?  Orphanage?  Zoo?  Hospital?  Children’s hospital? Pot holes?  ANYTHING other than this?!  Set the stack of money alight, it will at least keep people warm.  Pump it into the economy.  Oh and add another $50 to $55 million a year for every year this system is up and running…… A NASA space probe only costs $3 million.  A waste? I will leave it to you to decide.

Pros & Cons

– It will calculate the most economical fare to charge (travel within two hours or pay daily fare price)
– One card for both regional and metropolitan areas (hey, doesn’t money have that ability as well?)
– In the future it could be used for such things as: parking and vending machines (hey, my money can do that as well)
– “Has no moving parts to any part of the ticket system, to reduce maintenance costs of future installations.”  Hahahaha, yeah, you really care about saving money on this project.  Here is a money saver tip – never create such an unneeded system again!
– The card can be “recharged” away from the public transport thus eliminating the requirement for cash and reducing queues at vending machines and on buses.  The huge lines at the Vending machines and buses? … Everyone still has to get on and swipe, it seems they are trying to grab on to any reason they can find.  “You will not longer need to carry money and a ticket.” Ha!

There will be even more grand improvements once this actually gets on steady legs.

– A big one is the cost, which I have already talked about.
– The government still paying for the existing Metcard systems
– Having to touch off when not used to it will be faced with a maximum fare penalty (I expect to receive this many times)
– “Touch on, touch off” takes longer than it takes to get on and off at the moment
– Losing the card can means losing a lot if you put a lot on there, a lot more than dropping a coin
– Difficult to use for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities such as those who lack good hand control

You don’t need a scale to see what way this tips.

Final Verdict

After reading many things, talking to people, hearing conversations on the bus.  I deem this a failure, but they had put so much money into it that it would be a bigger waste if they had scrapped it, so it got to a point where they had to bring this out and just try to make it work.  The point is, it is a huge waste of time, resources and money.  They should think twice about something before they commit to it like they did with this, maybe something more useful.

There is no need whatsoever to have this system put in place or have even had the chance to leave the drawing board.  Once again, the government failed to meet the real needs of the people and instead wasted money on something no one wants and no one needs.  We will get told by advertisements it’s a good thing, so at least some people will believe it is.

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”


Federal Police Raid Steve Irwin


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship, Steve Irwin, was raided by Australian Federal Police officers last night. The ship had docked in Hobart at about 5:30pm when AFP officers brandishing a search warrant boarded, thoroughly searching crew members and the ship. Among items confiscated was the ships log and video tapes exposing Japanese whalers slaughtering whales in the Southern Ocean.

Crew members have described the slaughter by whalers as incredibly distressing as the whalers became more brazen. The crew has reported a whale was slaughtered in full view of the Steve Irwin.

The frustration and desperation of the whalers has not only made them more willing to kill whales in front of the Sea Shepherd but more violent towards the activists. The Japanese whalers have thrown scrap metal at activists, and employed water cannons and fired military-grade sonic weapons in an effort to stop the activists from protecting whales.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society remains the only entity that directly confronts the illegal practice of slaughtering whales in a sanctuary. Both the United Nations and the Australian Federal Court have made the commercial slaughter of whales illegal and forbidden whaling in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. Despite these laws, Japanese whalers continue to slaughter thousands of whales each year and the Australian government continues to do nothing!

The Australian government has used the image of Steve Irwin and the environmental spirit of Australians to promote the country on the world stage. Now that the AFP have raided the ship named in honour of Steve Irwin, can the hypocrisy of the Rudd government be hidden any longer? The majority of Australians oppose the whaling in our waters and the continued activism of the 100% volunteer based Sea Shepherd is example of what Australians will do to support those that protect whales from extinction.

What is to come of the police raid on the Sea Shepherd ship? The log book is a record of all the movements the Steve Irwin made on its operation and the video is a damning record of the violent and illegal activities of the Japanese whaling fleet. Captain Paul Watson has made the statement that he is unaware of whether the raid was made in response to complaints by either the Japanese whaling companies (controlled by organised crime groups in Japan) or the Australian government. It should be a worry for all Australians that the Federal Government puts trade relations with Japan before the values of the population and the protection of heavily endangered whale populations.

What can be done to support the Sea Shepherd and tell the government we oppose their support for criminals? The Australian National-Anarchists support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with donations and letters will continue to be written to government officials including Environment Minister, the dishonourable Peter Garrett demanding the government serve the interests of Australians and protect whales in our waters.

We must take a stand to protect our marine life from becoming another subject of history. We cannot wait for the Japanese government to control its whaling companies, we cannot expect government to enforce its own laws. The Sea Shepherd is the only entity preventing the extinction of whales and it is the duty of everyone to support them in their time of need.

Support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

Write protest letters to the following “representatives of the people:”

Minister for Trade
The Hon Simon Crean, MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs
The Hon Stephen Smith, MP

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
The Hon Peter Garrett, AM, MP

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
The Hon Julie Bishop, MP

Shadow Minister for Trade, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Leader of the Nationals
The Hon Warren Truss, MP

Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water
The Hon Greg Hunt, MP

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