N-A news digest – 5 November 2010

From N-A websites:

On this website we have posted an excellent article by a comrade overseas – “What being a tribal anarchist means to me”

BANA – Action against who?

ATS – The left on the march for sanity

ATS – Is the U.S. a fascist police state?

ATS – Were there african american confederates?

ATS – Is this shit for real?

ATS – U.S. crime – don’t call the police, they won’t be responding!

Other news and articles:

A short Youtube video of a lion meeting its rescuer after some time apart

The race to buy up the world’s water

Dozens of shipwrecks in Norwegian lakes

Old Russia in colour – the photographs of Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky

Can meditation change your brain? Contemplative neuroscientists believe it can

Into Africa? Fossils suggest earliest anthropoids colonised Africa

ADHD misdiagnosed in nearly 1 million U.S kids, say researchers

Terrorism act: No terror arrests made after 100,000 stop-and-searches

Fighting ‘hate’ for profit and power: The SPLC’s political agenda up close

4-year-old can be sued, judge rules in bike case

Who were the red-haired giants of early North America?

Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials invalidated

Mullets are officially illegal in Iran

How ghosts, superstitions and vampires have been used for psychological warfare

Don’t listen to the liberals – right-wingers really are nicer people, latest research shows.

A feast for the eyes: The artist who can turn a market stall into a masterpiece

Airport body scanners under pressure: Experts now warn x-ray devices “could give you cancer”

Bronze Age hoard found intact in Essex field

African economics expert: “For god’s sake, please stop the aid!”

Indian protestor take it to the streets in defiance of GM crops

Kimberley’s first ‘marine park’ protects mining not whales – we need your help

Will US Patent Office end gene patent enslavement of the human race?

“Theoretically, such patents actually give corporations the right to charge royalties when couples reproduce because by having a baby, you are “replicating” a patented gene without permission. Thus, you could be guilty of patent violation and be forced to pay a royalty to the patent owner.”


What Being A “Tribal Anarchist” Means To Me

I have had some people inquire about the term “tribal anarchist.” They often view such a term as an oxymoron. Looking at the strict individual definition of anarchy it would make sense to view it as such. Anarchy tends to follow the definition of having no authority or being without rule. When added to the tribal, which denotes a group and thus an organisation we see the apparent condradiction more clearly. However, what is often ignored is that the term can be befiting of groups. Groups of anarchists are not strange in the history of man. Anarchists congregate together often and have a group mentality of “us vs. them.” What is the bond? it is usually reduced to “do what you want to do, just don’t hurt anyone else.” Over time this philosophy obviously leads to fracturing and different groups by basic human nature.

So what is different about tribal anarchism? What does it mean? Tribal anarchism is first off, based on sovereignty of the individual. The individual chooses his tribe and values so this cannot be negated in the course of nature. The individual chooses which people to associate with usually based on common values, family, etc. each tribal group will therfore be different though possibly sharing many values and ideas. Secondly,tribal anarchism is based on the sovereignty of the group, which imo is why tribal comes before anarchist. Each group has its needs and structure, no matter how “anarchistic” the individuals claim to be. Structure is not the enemy of the anarch when the structure fits the anarchs worldview. The individual who claims no affiliation with any other human or any value system is a nihilist, not an anarchist. The major difference between tribal anarchism and regular anrchism that I see is admitting this fact, admitting that in the course of nature we group ourselves together with specific people and ideas, seek out similiar minds and work toward making those things reality.

Tribalism is simply this gathering together. As there are diverse people groups, ideas, values, religions we believe that each and every group has a right to gather together into a cohesive, sovereign whole and to have full right to decide how they shall live and be without interference from another group. This makes room for the diversity in nature and does not have the falsity of “do what you want to as long as you harm no one else”, which as mentioned, is unsustainable within the same group either ideologically or realistically. tribal anarchism throws out the bullshit utopian visions that have never been able to become relaity in the earth. Instead it relies on the will of the group to stand as sovereign and to defend its own, which again fits the laws of nature very well.

For my own part my tribe is simple. It is literally my family. They come first. We are sovereign and if I deem anything outside of that to be a hinderance to our freedoms they will be addressed as such. Second it is the people who I have relationships with close to me like friends and neighbors. Third, those who ideologically share my values, beliefs, etc no matter where they may be geographically. These beliefs have to do with blood, our common ancestors, genetic memory and goals for the future, and for the sake of my children a moral code. Their religion is not so important to me, but values like honor and integrity are.

I personally believe that we are eventually heading to a balkanisation because so many varied groups are fighting to draw from the same well. As nature takes her course people will group up according to some of the things I have addressed. Family and blood will be first and foremost and then there will be groups who mix and mingle. When this happens the natural progression to tribal anarchy will take place. Out of this there will be times of war, times of peace like under any other human endeavor. Eventually smaller groups will combine with like-minded groups and form nation states and the whole human drama can start over again.

The anarchist claims to support individual freedom. To do so they have to support the rights of indivduals to align themselves with groups. Whether they do support such things or not will not change the course of time. My family is my tribe. My blood runs through my son as my father’s blood runs through me, and in so being, my father’s blood runs through my son. His father’s blood runs through all of us. This goes back to our beginning. That beginning is contained in us and the memories of triumphs and struggles are in our DNA. They shaped our genetic traits, the way our minds work and give expression to our potential. To NOT honor such a thing and choose associations wisely in this world is to spit in the face of eternity and time which helped shape who we are. It is to rebel against yourself.

N-A news digest – 28 October 2010

From N-A blogs:

Lingit Latseen – Counter institutions: Tlingit style education

BANA – Crimethinc. sucks

BANA – Constitutional paper worshippers and their opposite

ATS – Why motorcycle clubs are potential consituents for anarcho-pluralism

ATS – Beware human rights imperialism

ATS – Getting back to the ‘real’ constitution-fagettaboutit

Revolt, not therapy – RIght wing anarchism

Other news and articles:

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
“Advocates of fluoridated water insist that the chemical additive is good for teeth, but actual science routinely shows otherwise”

Now What?

Tibetans revolt over language gag

Google spied on British emails and computer passwords

The final reasons for going to war are being swept away

Torture, killing, children shot – and how the US tried to keep it all quiet

Parents with poor dietary habits pass down disease to their children
“Researchers believe that the food people eat actually changes the DNA in sperm, passing on unhealthy genetic traits to offspring that affects their metabolism and overall bodily function.”

Population crisis can be resolved by breastfeeding
“In Africa breastfeeding prevents an average of 4 births per woman. In Bangladesh it prevents on average 6 births per woman. Chilean women exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months reported no pregnancies while 72% of the artificial feeding counterparts got pregnant.”

Nanny state UK: Every email and website to be stored

Massive European pyramids discovered

Photos of some incredible glacier caves

Helen Thomas: You cannot criticize Israel in the U.S and survive

Multiculturalism is dead, so where do we bury the body?

Red hair in Arabic holy families

The cro-magnon invasions

Miguel Serrano: Last encounter with Carl Jung

Savitri Devi: Rock of the Sun

Oldest modern human outside of Africa found

Youtube video: “What in the world are they spraying” official trailer

Slavic mythology: Perun

Evidence of prehistoric high culture found in German cave

Very early photographic images of humans discovered

Like Lauren Booth, why ARE modern British career women converting to Islam?

N-A news digest – 21st October 2010

From N-A blogs:

http://revoltnottherapy.wordpress.com/ Revolt, Not Therapy have a few new articles up, on Ernst Jünger, Martin Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Aleister Crowley, H.P Lovecraft, Friedrich Nietzsche, Oswald Spengler, and Julius Evola

National-Anarchist Movement: The war on terror

National-Anarchist Movement: Mexico: Another failed state

BANA: Reclaim Bay Area homes stolen by banks

Attack the System: The new ruling class and taxpayer funded brainwashing

Humanity arise and awaken: Former chief rabbi of Israel says all we non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews

Other news and articles:

Ernst Jünger’s Sicilian letter to the man in the moon

Multicultural Germany turning against muslims
“Joachim Herrmann, the conservative Bavarian interior minister, was even more blunt. “There is no reason to integrate Islam into our system of values. Germany does not want to integrate Islam, but to retain its own cultural identity,” he said.”

Cancer ‘is purely man-made’ say scientists after finding almost no trace of disease in Egyptian mummies

Study: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids

The immigration debate is about society, not economics

McDonalds burgers still not decomposed after 2 decades

Mao’s ‘great leap forward’ killed 45 million in four years

‘5 creepy ways animal societies are organising’

Walking increases brain volume and reduces risks of decline

The food crisis is not about a shortage of food

Historic agreement to protect Tasmania’s ancient forests (although somehow it requires the federal government’s permission???!!!) We hope that this goes ahead, to ensure the protection of Tasmania’s unique old growth forests.

Personal data could become commodity

Passage graves from an astronomical perspective

Fat and happy girl is fat and happy – A humourous look at recent research which has shown that more obese Americans believe that they don’t need to lose weight than previously thought.

Bono’s ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity

A NWO history of Mongolia “In a land with a tradition of self-sufficiency, a third of people now live below the poverty line. Such is the fallout of ‘development.'”

Thunderstone mystery: What’s a Stone Age axe doing in an Iron Age tomb?

Hurstwic: Viking ships

Modern marriage in one picture

Watermelons still showing their true colours over carbon price Green on the outside, red on the inside!

Viking treasure discovered in North Yorkshire village

Facebook et al risk ‘infantilising’ the human mind

EU dictators plan fresh looting of tax slaves

N-A News Digest – 14th October 2010

Welcome to the first instalment of our news digest. We will be bringing to you news from the week, as well as any interesting articles and videos that we have found in that time.

Firstly, from National-Anarchist websites, we have found the following recent articles:

Nationalanarchistausnz.com (this website) – We have added a video of a recent talk by Welf Herfurth, as well as the complete National-Anarchist Movement manifesto.

From other N-A websites:
BANA – An interview with Lloyd Lacy, Memphis black National-Anarchist.

Attack the System – On creating an intellectual counter-elite

Attack the System – Leftist Psychology: Delusions in disguise

Attack the System – Only the guilty need fear? Tell it to Anne Frank

Attack the System – If you really wanted to make a better state it should be easy enough

Attack the System – The lying media and the war on terror

Richmond ATS – If Virginia told the feds to go to hell…

Revolt Not Therapy – Max Stirner: The anarchist every ideologist loves to hate

American Indian/Alaska Native ATS – Happy fuck imperialism day

American Indian/Alaska Native ATS – John T. Williams memorial fund

Berrocscir’s Banner – Cut Consumerism!

Other news, articles and videos:

6 things that are secretly turning you into a bad person – A humorous look at how 6 things, including “green” consumerism and email are making people behave more dishonourably

More on the study of “green” consumerism making people more likely to lie, cheat and steal

René Guénon – Tradition, civilisation and the modern world (Youtube video)

Unearthed Aryan cities rewrite history

High alert over theft of top secret ASIO and police files – Government security measures such as ASIO and the police do not make us more secure.  Communities should be responsible for their security, not the government.

USA FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification! – Shows just how much say the multinational pro-GM corporations have, they are now dictating that the companies which don’t use their dodgy products are not allowed to inform people of this.

When Wikipedia won’t cut it: 25 online sources for reliable, researched facts

Civil war in Germany?  Stuttgart 21 protests rock country – Police brutality against children and the elderly peacefully protesting against the destruction of historic buildings and gardens in Stuttgart.

“Humans not as genetically identical as we thought”

13 stunning photos from 10-year sea census

Neighbourhoods can have a depressing effect on health, according to study

Warmed s**t to power 15% of UK by 2020

Don’t eat GM soy if you’re thinking of having children – In a new study on rats, GM soy was found to be wrecking the ovary and endometrium.

Shameless flu shot pushers use strip clubs to entice people into medically useless vaccinations!

TOQ – Man’s devolution across cycles – Explains the worldview of the Traditionalists perfectly. This type of thinking needs to be spread far and wide…

Is the Out of Africa theory out? – New research on teeth from early humans proves against the politically correct “Out of Africa” theory.

New law passed banning comment on South Australian elections unless a real name and postcode is supplied!

‘Mini-Pompeii’ found in Norway

Who owns the media? The 6 monolithic corporations that control almost everything we watch, hear and read.

A very disturbing article that we think deserves a read.  It’s worrying to read that “The average American watches 153 hours of television a month.  In fact, most Americans begin to feel physically uncomfortable if they go too long without watching or listening to something.”

We need to provide real cultural alternatives to this addiction to destructive capitalist “entertainment”.

Top Scientist resigns from post – admits climate change is a scam. – “the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave.”

The graffiti knitting epidemic – “In this world of technology, over-development, fewer trees and more concrete,” says Sayeg, “it is empowering to be able to beautify your environment.”

Left Wing Brainwashing and Radicalisation of Britain part 1 and part 2 – While we don’t agree with the pro-capitalist sentiment expressed in this mainstream American video from the 80s, we think it is definitely worth watching as it shows Marxist groups making the decisions about what books are banned from schools, and the messed-up reasoning that goes into this.  It also shows some very disturbing books that were introduced into schools, and how the council wouldn’t listen to what the parents wanted about this, and used police force to get them away.

A principal forced to resign because he didn’t want to destroy scholarship applications, an African woman complains because African food isn’t served every day at her child’s mainstream English school.  This is more fuel for the National-Anarchist argument, where we advocate that children are raised with the values of their parents, NOT the system’s corrupt values, or ones of any special interest groups.  Children should be able succeed based on their own merit, not discriminated against because of their race.  If someone wants their child to only eat African food, then this would be possible within a community of their choosing.  If someone wants their children to read certain books and not others, then that should be up to them, and not the state.  Homeschooling offers an immediate solution to these problems, and homeschooled children are usually better educated than those in regular schools.

Gillard won’t budge on internet filter – Australian prime minister thinks she needs to make our moral judgements for us!  We are more than capable of deciding what we do and don’t want to see, we don’t need the nanny state.

The 10 most bizarre people on earth

5 examples of Americans thinking foreign people are magic – very funny and also true

McDonald’s happy meal resists decomposition for six months

Muslim “Germanophobia”… in of all places, Germany – Worrying article detailing the abuse that native Germans are suffering in schools because of excessive immigration.

Is free thinking a mental illness? “New mental illnesses identified by the DSM-IV include arrogance, narcissism, above-average creativity, cynicism, and antisocial behavior.  In the past, these were called “personality traits,” but now they’re diseases.

And there are treatments available.”

What are babies made from? Research shows for some it is sugar, salt and not all things nice – “Children as young as four weeks old are being fed a poor diet of biscuits, ice-cream and soft drinks, according to new Australian research.”

New websites:

http://www.national-anarchist.net/ – A promising new National-Anarchist movement, with a website which includes some interesting articles.  We have posted the manifesto on this website in parts.

http://northernimperium.tumblr.com/ – “Welcome to Northern Imperium, a tumblr blog where, in the future, you will be able to find anything and everything related to the Northern European Cultural Revival with a special emphasis on the esoteric and occult”

National-Anarchist Movement Manifesto – Part 10: Revolution

“Nothing, nothing but war, war without mercy, will lead to any solution.” – Peter Kropotkin
“The passion for destruction is also a creative passion.” – Mikhail Bakunin
“That which is falling, should also be pushed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.” – Joseph Tommasi
“We must engage with passion in the immediate strife.” – Herbert Read

THE precise meaning of the word ‘revolution’ is often highly contested. It can mean a violent overthrow of the existing order, or perhaps a sudden break with current trends. The fact that revolution contains the root word ‘revolve’, meanwhile, indicates that it also relates to a return of some kind. Think of the way that a compass takes a pencil back to its original starting point, for example. For us, there are several definitions surrounding the word ‘revolution’ and each of them have an important role to play in their own right.

Most revolutions that have taken place throughout history have led to a cruel and systematic betrayal of ordinary men and women. Millions have lost their lives and many others cynically used to overthrow a crooked ruling class on behalf of an equally corrupt and jealous bourgeoisie. National-Anarchists are vigorously opposed to the artificial injustices of the enforced class system and believe, not in Marxist ‘equality’ and ‘egalitarianism’, but in a natural meritocracy that adequately reflects the true nature of the individual and his role in society.

There have been many positive examples of revolutionary activity, among them the Luddites of 1812, the Swing Riots and Tolpuddle Martyrs of the 1830s, the co-operative movement established by the Rochdale Pioneers, Robert Owen’s communal experiments in both Scotland and America, the French Commune of 1871 and the agricultural co-operatives which were set up by Anarchists during the Spanish Civil War of the mid-1930s. Those on the Left try to claim these revolutionary currents for their own, but they do not have a monopoly when it comes to fighting against capitalism and, as we discussed earlier on, they often bring about capitalism in a slightly modified form. The examples mentioned above are part of a long tradition of struggle and National-Anarchism is the latest in a long line of genuine revolutionary currents that seek to bring about political self-expression, economic freedom and social justice.

Although we have already discussed various ways in which National-Anarchists can engage in revolutionary activity within the belly of the beast, so to speak, right here in the West, we also support the strategy of revolution on the periphery. In other words, we believe that revolutionary groups in the Third World are leading the way in the struggle against capitalist greed and exploitation. We therefore offer our critical support to all groups and organisations that fight on the frontline against the so-called New World Order and who seek to retain or reclaim their economic independence or racial and cultural identity. It is important to remember that revolution in the West is an extremely risky affair, at least if people try to arm themselves and take on the Establishment at this stage in the game. Direct armed resistance in the Third World, however, helps to weaken the globalist core because it either prevents or slows down the export of crops, minerals and various other resources to the West. At present, the West is able to buy off the corrupt leaders of Third World governments – many of whom have been plunged into debt through war and excessive borrowing – so that African and Asian resources are sent abroad at the point of a gun. This obviously results in starvation and misery for the indigenous people. But if the West finds it increasingly difficult to extract what it wants from the countries on the periphery, it will begin to wither and die in the way that the old Roman Empire began to collapse as a result of being overstretched in a perpetual quest for foreign territory, manpower and natural resources. Anything which weakens the West, therefore, must be good for those of us living beneath the jackboot of international capitalism and who desire real change.

The task we have set ourselves is a great one. The fight for culture, identity and economic self-determination is a cause that gives us a great sense of purpose and destiny. And yet, for those who are called to this fight in the immediate future, we can only offer a long and difficult road which is often characterised by disappointment and pain. Due to the fact that the path of the revolutionary is so difficult, many who join us simply fall by the wayside, unable to live up to the ideals. Such people inevitably cite a multitude of reasons for dropping out; from family problems to the fear of being ‘exposed’ as a National-Anarchist. But behind the excuses lies just one reason: the fact that they are not prepared to make even the smallest of sacrifices within their own lives to help us gain victory. Needless to say, we can well do without such people. In place of people such as this we seek a new type of individual, someone who is prepared to put his or her ideals before anything else. Here is the mark of a true revolutionary; an activist in the unselfish service of race and nation. And rest assured, never has our vision been in greater need of such individuals.

In this modern era the concept of sacrifice is anathema to virtually everyone. Modern man laughs at the idea of sacrifice. He proclaims: ‘If I do a job I want paying for it. I never do anything for nothing.’ Such a man has no understanding of higher ideals and knows even less about how to fight for them. It is because of such people and their selfish egocentrism that our civilisation is in such decay. One notable exception to this decline in idealism is that given to us by Hamas fighters waging a war of liberation in Zionist-occupied Palestine and, in particular, the men within their ranks who are prepared to die for their beliefs. Such heroism in the face of overwhelming odds is inspired. It shows us that the concept of personal sacrifice in pursuit of a political goal is not dead. It also shows that where such an ideal is harnessed and used it becomes a deadly force that cannot be beaten. Zionist Jews know all about the consequences of the Palestinian uprising and, make no mistake, they fear it.

If we are to win then we must follow such a example, an example born of purity of thought and action. We must endeavour to go down this road because it is the only road that will lead us to victory. Our ideals must inspire in us the same level of dedication and fanaticism, they must give us the same inner strength which breeds invincibility. Only if we can achieve this will we become a force capable of confronting and beating our enemies. In working towards this aim there are two immediate goals that must be achieved by everyone. Firstly, we must not be like other men and women, people who are solely the product of corporate advertisers, media propagandists, the liberal agenda and the materialist ethos. We must set ourselves apart and become true followers of the revolutionary way. Only when we are ideologically free of the System can we attack it with the clarity of vision needed to defeat it. Secondly, our goal must be to fight. Always to fight. If we are fighting, then we are winning. If we put down the sword, then we have already lost. This fight demands loyalty and it demands commitment. If we are not prepared to give our blood, sweat and tears then we will achieve nothing. There will be no advance and no victory. Nothing is more certain.

The ideal of sacrifice is not new. We revolutionaries have been pushing both it and the relationship between sacrifice and victory for a number of years. But whilst in the past these words seem to have fallen on deaf ears, they are now being taken seriously by dedicated revolutionaries. It is testimony to the strength of the National-Anarchist revolutionary that after all the betrayals and sell-outs of recent years, there has emerged a new mode of dedicated and dogged fanaticism. It is in this atmosphere, cleansed of compromise, that the possibility exists for moving the revolutionary cause into a new and more threatening position. For the sake of our future communities and their people the opportunity must be seized.

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National-Anarchist Movement Manifesto – Part 9: Defence

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” – Robert A. Heinlein

NATIONAL-ANARCHISTS do not suppose for one moment that alternative communities which have made a break with the system can remain immune from attack on a permanent basis. Human nature is such that, inevitably, there will always be potential outsiders wishing to cause trouble or steal our resources. Whilst we may be decentralists ourselves, many others are not and therefore our land and property will have to be vigorously defended like any other community. We reject utopianism and believe that we must always look at these things realistically, because our village-communities will have to arm themselves appropriately in order to survive. This does not, however, require the existence of a standing army or police force.

According to John E. Pfeiffer, writing in The Emergence of Man (Harper & Row, 1969), “when a group exceeds 500 persons, it requires some form of policing”. The reason being, 500 is the maximum number of people that a single individual can know personally and therefore if people in National-Anarchist areas are comparatively more familiar with their neighbours it will result in a more settled and peaceful community. Unlike the anonymous, atomised, urban societies of today, where most people rarely ever communicate with their neighbours, or try to avoid doing so as much as possible, crime will be reduced as a result of the fact that residing amongst one’s extended family (aunts, uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers etc.) tends to keep the peace through a process known as ‘shaming’. In other words, people are naturally discouraged from committing crimes against their neighbours if they are known to the community at large and therefore likely to face a degree of shame and embarrassment if caught. It won’t make crime totally non-existent, obviously, but it will make such incidents far more isolated. This means that there is absolutely no need whatsoever for police, because National-Anarchist communities will police themselves in the way that villages used to before the establishment of a police force in the Victorian period. And even that came about as a result of overpopulation and a lack of street lighting which led to disorder in large cities and towns. The moment when a policeman puts on his uniform is the very instance when he divides himself from the rest of the community at large and that must never be allowed to happen.

The same goes for a standing army, because whilst National-Anarchists will clearly need to defend themselves by networking with like-minded communities, this can be achieved through good regional co-operation rather than by keeping arms in the hands of a centralised body. On the contrary, we propose that National-Anarchist communities form a confederation of loosely-organised militia comprised of individuals who have other roles in society but who are also highly trained in the methods of self-defence and, if necessary, warfare. In Medieval Europe, for example, farmers and artisans would serve in their feudal overlord’s private army for a certain number of days each year. We are not suggesting that people serve a local baron or member of the nobility, obviously, but our system will be fairly similar in that ordinary members of the public – especially young people – will be operating in a dual capacity and thus be able to provide some form of military service on an intermittent or infrequent basis. This will require good communication and training, but with the right determination and commitment it will be possible to provide an effective defensive force in a more decentralised context. Finally, it goes without saying that arms will be held in the hands of the community itself. This system has been operating very successfully in modern-day Switzerland for many years and whilst gun ownership comes with great responsibility gun crime itself is extremely rare. National-Anarchists also believe in providing help and advice on survivalism, martial arts and other forms of self-defence, all important skills which are becoming increasingly vital as contemporary society continues to slide into chaos and the streets become more and more dangerous.

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