New websites and updates

The Australian National-Anarchists have been very busy over the past few months and regret not being able to share these important websites and articles with our readers sooner.

The Palm Beach County Tribalist Collective have written some thoughtful articles that we’d like to share, including useful information for those forming intentional communities.

The World National Anarchist Alliance is a new website with a Zen Buddhist perspective.  Includes the important article Race Essential to National Anarchism?

“National Anarchism is an answer to the anarchist with suffixes syndrome. We have anywhere from Anarcho-Capitalists to Anarcho-Communists. With the National Anarchist system, each tribe could implement whichever system they want.”

Other articles of interest:

Noam Chomsky on big business as a supporter of “anti-racism”

Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle (this seems pretty pro-capitalism and fossil fuels but it does sum up the arguments against the manmade climate change theory well, and shows how and why the establishment is manipulating the masses.)

The war on Africa’s family farmers An important article about globalists in Africa.

An introduction to urban anarchy

Agrarian resistance