N-A Weekly News Digest – 27 November 2010

SONAC – Save seed while you can!

NATA NY – China, Russia quit dollar

ATS – Afghanistan: The last hurrah of the American Empire

Other news and articles:

Hate speech or free speech?

How (not to) organize a community

The grass roofs of Norway

Save the Black Cat

Sorry to break the bad news, but ‘anti-racism’ is actually racist

On the anniversary of Climategate the Watermelons show their true colours

Urban farms provide enough produce to sustain most of Detroit

The most evil bill in American history

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as big government claims ownership over our water (USA)

Wi-Fi makes trees sick, study says

Spy scandal as 5 scandinavian governments catch US watching their citizens

What is, must be

Six rules for white advocacy -Excellent article relevant for all activists

New websites:
Hex Folk Market