N-A News Digest – 14th October 2010

Welcome to the first instalment of our news digest. We will be bringing to you news from the week, as well as any interesting articles and videos that we have found in that time.

Firstly, from National-Anarchist websites, we have found the following recent articles:

Nationalanarchistausnz.com (this website) – We have added a video of a recent talk by Welf Herfurth, as well as the complete National-Anarchist Movement manifesto.

From other N-A websites:
BANA – An interview with Lloyd Lacy, Memphis black National-Anarchist.

Attack the System – On creating an intellectual counter-elite

Attack the System – Leftist Psychology: Delusions in disguise

Attack the System – Only the guilty need fear? Tell it to Anne Frank

Attack the System – If you really wanted to make a better state it should be easy enough

Attack the System – The lying media and the war on terror

Richmond ATS – If Virginia told the feds to go to hell…

Revolt Not Therapy – Max Stirner: The anarchist every ideologist loves to hate

American Indian/Alaska Native ATS – Happy fuck imperialism day

American Indian/Alaska Native ATS – John T. Williams memorial fund

Berrocscir’s Banner – Cut Consumerism!

Other news, articles and videos:

6 things that are secretly turning you into a bad person – A humorous look at how 6 things, including “green” consumerism and email are making people behave more dishonourably

More on the study of “green” consumerism making people more likely to lie, cheat and steal

René Guénon – Tradition, civilisation and the modern world (Youtube video)

Unearthed Aryan cities rewrite history

High alert over theft of top secret ASIO and police files – Government security measures such as ASIO and the police do not make us more secure.  Communities should be responsible for their security, not the government.

USA FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification! – Shows just how much say the multinational pro-GM corporations have, they are now dictating that the companies which don’t use their dodgy products are not allowed to inform people of this.

When Wikipedia won’t cut it: 25 online sources for reliable, researched facts

Civil war in Germany?  Stuttgart 21 protests rock country – Police brutality against children and the elderly peacefully protesting against the destruction of historic buildings and gardens in Stuttgart.

“Humans not as genetically identical as we thought”

13 stunning photos from 10-year sea census

Neighbourhoods can have a depressing effect on health, according to study

Warmed s**t to power 15% of UK by 2020

Don’t eat GM soy if you’re thinking of having children – In a new study on rats, GM soy was found to be wrecking the ovary and endometrium.

Shameless flu shot pushers use strip clubs to entice people into medically useless vaccinations!

TOQ – Man’s devolution across cycles – Explains the worldview of the Traditionalists perfectly. This type of thinking needs to be spread far and wide…

Is the Out of Africa theory out? – New research on teeth from early humans proves against the politically correct “Out of Africa” theory.

New law passed banning comment on South Australian elections unless a real name and postcode is supplied!

‘Mini-Pompeii’ found in Norway

Who owns the media? The 6 monolithic corporations that control almost everything we watch, hear and read.

A very disturbing article that we think deserves a read.  It’s worrying to read that “The average American watches 153 hours of television a month.  In fact, most Americans begin to feel physically uncomfortable if they go too long without watching or listening to something.”

We need to provide real cultural alternatives to this addiction to destructive capitalist “entertainment”.

Top Scientist resigns from post – admits climate change is a scam. – “the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave.”

The graffiti knitting epidemic – “In this world of technology, over-development, fewer trees and more concrete,” says Sayeg, “it is empowering to be able to beautify your environment.”

Left Wing Brainwashing and Radicalisation of Britain part 1 and part 2 – While we don’t agree with the pro-capitalist sentiment expressed in this mainstream American video from the 80s, we think it is definitely worth watching as it shows Marxist groups making the decisions about what books are banned from schools, and the messed-up reasoning that goes into this.  It also shows some very disturbing books that were introduced into schools, and how the council wouldn’t listen to what the parents wanted about this, and used police force to get them away.

A principal forced to resign because he didn’t want to destroy scholarship applications, an African woman complains because African food isn’t served every day at her child’s mainstream English school.  This is more fuel for the National-Anarchist argument, where we advocate that children are raised with the values of their parents, NOT the system’s corrupt values, or ones of any special interest groups.  Children should be able succeed based on their own merit, not discriminated against because of their race.  If someone wants their child to only eat African food, then this would be possible within a community of their choosing.  If someone wants their children to read certain books and not others, then that should be up to them, and not the state.  Homeschooling offers an immediate solution to these problems, and homeschooled children are usually better educated than those in regular schools.

Gillard won’t budge on internet filter – Australian prime minister thinks she needs to make our moral judgements for us!  We are more than capable of deciding what we do and don’t want to see, we don’t need the nanny state.

The 10 most bizarre people on earth

5 examples of Americans thinking foreign people are magic – very funny and also true

McDonald’s happy meal resists decomposition for six months

Muslim “Germanophobia”… in of all places, Germany – Worrying article detailing the abuse that native Germans are suffering in schools because of excessive immigration.

Is free thinking a mental illness? “New mental illnesses identified by the DSM-IV include arrogance, narcissism, above-average creativity, cynicism, and antisocial behavior.  In the past, these were called “personality traits,” but now they’re diseases.

And there are treatments available.”

What are babies made from? Research shows for some it is sugar, salt and not all things nice – “Children as young as four weeks old are being fed a poor diet of biscuits, ice-cream and soft drinks, according to new Australian research.”

New websites:

http://www.national-anarchist.net/ – A promising new National-Anarchist movement, with a website which includes some interesting articles.  We have posted the manifesto on this website in parts.

http://northernimperium.tumblr.com/ – “Welcome to Northern Imperium, a tumblr blog where, in the future, you will be able to find anything and everything related to the Northern European Cultural Revival with a special emphasis on the esoteric and occult”


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