An open letter to the antifa

National-Anarchists are often attacked by these “AntiFa” thugs that claim to oppose the state.  We thought this open letter was worthy of a repost here.


I would describe myself as a Traditionalist Latin Conservative. I am sure that you would have plenty of other epithets to say about me, of which I hope you understand, I am not interested in.

Over the years I have observed you guys, and it doesn’t take an Erik Hoffer to state a few truthful observations about you:

1. You are virtually all white.

2. None of you are working class.

3. You are not open to debate.

4. You have a passive-aggressive attitude, harassing others while claiming to be the victim.

5. You really have very little understanding of the world, least of all your own motivations.

It is for this reason that I am here to describe you to yourselves. I am no Josue Estebanez; I am not tough enough to single handedly beat dozens of you in a street fight, nor would I desire to if I were capable. Getting a beating is exactly what you desire.

You are the living embodiment of nihilist youth, lost and numb. I pity you. Nothing you say makes any sense. You say you are against capitalism and against racism, yet even Noam Chomsky is aware that capitalism is explicitly anti-racist, and that Che Guevara thought blacks were inferior. You support every action of the multinational corporations in terms of globalization and multiculturalism yet claim to be anarchists.

Some people might say; ‘oh, these silly kids are just searching for meaning in life,’ but I don’t see any rational search for common sense among you. You kids make about as much rational sense as a poem by Tristan Tzara.

Let us cut to the chase: your herd-like insanity is a result of trying to be noticed and actually feel a sense of certainty in a post-tribal, nihilist, consumerist, meaningless world. This is your way to get recognition; the recognition that your parents never gave you.

In a way, you want us of the right wing to adapt you; to be your parents and to actually discipline you, to spank you; after all – feeling something is always better then feeling nothing, and it is so cool to be oppressed and downtrodden. To make it against all odds. You want us to be your excuse for failure.

Your self-esteem needs a scapegoat. You need to “pin the tail on the fascist,” so to speak. You empathize with the poor, not because you are poor economically, but because you are poor in mind and poor in spirit.

You want to cry and lick your wounds, and say “I couldn’t make it in life because of these fascists like my dad.”

You want sympathy as well, so you band together and chant, sing, hold hands, and shout. You cry, write poems, draw graffiti, etc.

But we cannot parent you. The State exists to protect people like you from the people that you claim to represent. If there were no state and no borders, millions of Muslims would override your home and subject you to sharia as they have various times in the past millennium. This, as you probably should know, would really suck, and I guarantee you that it would suck much more then an open debate with us.

If you are feeling uncertain in life, may I recommend Dostoevsky? He also was a child of the bourgeois, a Proudhon-reading leftist in youth, and unlike us, who only want to debate immigration policy, the state sentenced him to a mock trial of death, followed by an exile to Siberia.

In Siberia he met real criminals and began to understand the common reason for the harshness of the state. He grew to become an extremely anti-liberal Traditionalist and foretold the horrors of a godless world.

I think you all can still pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and come to terms with the horrors of being middle class. I truly believe that you can all grow out of this stunted growth, but remember – the only way to make up for this childishness is to have the courage to speak out against it when you grow. This is what growing is all about.

Yours truly,

The fascist meanie.