NAZ Issue #2 OUT NOW

National-Anarchist Zine Issue #2 is now available. This issue includes articles on how to survive the economic collapse, what is tribalism and a critique of the so-called “AntiFa” movement. The zine is produced through the efforts of our activists and printed and distributed by donations from our comrades and supporters.

If you want a copy, send us an email at:




  1. Umm, The National Anarchist Zine Issue boils down to the acronym NAZI.

    I can’t believe nobody saw this.

    If you’re going to keep the name, then don’t use its acronym form.

    Right now it looks like “NAZI #2, on sale now!”

  2. G’day Willy,

    I can see what you’re saying, I didn’t notice it before but really, if somebody is going to take issue to something like that, they probably don’t have the emotional integrity required of a National-Anarchist. Our opponents will continue to slander our activists and spread their disinformation on what we stand for, that is the nature of the beast.

    We know what we represent and anybody that would be interested in National-Anarchism would also have the intelligence to investigate our ideas for themselves without accepting ridiculous attacks, especially not a stupid reductio ad Hitlerum.

    Anyway, have you ordered your copy of the zine yet?


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