TAFE4ALL: Skills, Not Bills

TAFE students having their say on the coming fee hike, including a few words from a National-Anarchist currently studying at a TAFE in Victoria. Making education available to people in the community is something National-Anarchists feel strongly about, we will do whatever we can to make education and training available to all those that want it.



  1. How are you going to “make education and training available to all those that want it”?

  2. Sorry for the late reply Sarah. I hope this answers your question. At this current time we will be supporting any campaign against the fee hikes, both pressuring government and informing students of the changes.

    In the long term, it is the aim of National-Anarchists to take the role of community organisers of DIY education and courses. It is common for National-Anarchists to have useful skills to offer and we hope to share these skills with our local community, an educated and self-empowered tribe is an independent tribe.

    • It is big capital and its political bedfellow, western bourgeois liberalism, that today disseminate the idea of an Economic New World Order (the dialectical evolution of 19th Century bourgeois capitalism) giving free reign to multinational corporations, financiers and banks, to plunder the resources of the world’s cultural landscapes without any restraints placed upon them by sovereign peoples and their laws.

      The drive towards this New World Order is advanced colonialism in its most insidious form. Where, in the past, colonial conquerors first had to overthrow by force, disease and trickery, today, it is the culture and resources of entire nations and regions they seek to overthrow, with the assistance of advanced technology and the mass media. The alliance between big capital and western bourgeois liberalism includes all Labor Parties and Unions and the great majority of moderate left and right wing political organizations.

      Where this liberalism has been imposed, sanctioned and controlled by elites (of the UN, the Unelected European Union and successive European and US governments) there inevitably follows a wave of exploitation ( financial and industrial) that not only depletes the resources of regional peoples but attacks the root of their culture, implemented with legal force, political subterfuge and arrogant certitude, the goal being the biological and economic leveling of all cultures towards the single monoculture of the ‘world consumer’.

      Both multiculturalism, rigorously defended by the extreme left, and the opposing doctrines of nationalism, rigorously defended by the extreme right, serve these controlling interests. The right, being just as stupid by nature as the left, and a little less informed, have swallowed the bait, their campaigns of obnoxious racist diatribe calling for an end to immigration based on racist stereotypes bound up with hateful notions superiority and inferiority, that are repugnant to decent people whose natural inclination is to then turn towards the main stream bourgeois liberal political parties for ‘just’ policies, which, on the surface, at least, do not appear to discriminate against people on the basis of race or culture, but are designed, in the long term, to bring about the entire destruction of their culture – of all culture – and to replace it with an unbridled global financial and industrial complex totally unfettered by national boundaries and law.

      Yours respectfully,

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