Fight Against Fluoride Continues

Today about one hundred concerned residents came together in the heart of Geelong, on a freezing cold morning to stand against forced fluoridation. The numbers were good despite very short notice, little advertising and poor weather. National-Anarchists from the local area participated in the rally and continue to network with organisers.

Despite government promises and a vocal opposition, fluoride is to be introduced to water supplies on 22nd June – this is in complete violation of governmental power! There has been no calls from the public to have fluoridated water, government very sneakily and quietly introduced the program and mainstream media have helped promote the propaganda. Geelong residents do not need government to force “medication” upon them, fluoride has no business in our water supply!

It is a simple fact that fluoride is a highly toxic chemical and causes serious harm to people sensitive to its effects. Geelong has for a long time been a known fluoride-safe zone, now those residents that are allergic to fluoride will be forced to either pack up and leave or find another, expensive source of water. The alleged benefits of fluoridation are nothing compared to the possible impact it will have on the health and wellbeing of the Geelong people.

The rally featured a number of speakers, including the owner of Organic Larder (an organic grocery store in Geelong), Billy Bond, who made clear that the fight will be long and hard but it is our duty as aware and determined people to continue to fight for what is right. A spokesperson from the main campaign group, Barwon Freedom from Fluoridation, also detailed the lies and misinformation surrounding the fluoridation issue and how fluoridation has been completely stopped in Europe. The same will be the case for Geelong!

The march proceeded down the streets of Geelong, with chants and banners demanding that fluoridation not go ahead at all. Eventually the protestors arrived outside the doors of the Geelong Advertiser; the newspaper that continually misleads the public at every opportunity. Despite this being the final stop for the march, chanting went on for ages and protestors were clearly determined to make their voice heard for as long as possible.

Overall, the rally was a success and the fight goes on. The BAFF group and its supporters have made clear that the date fluoridation commences is not the end of the campaign, it is the date the fight rams up a level and goes on stronger than ever before! We will be there till the end, for our freedom to choose and the health of our future generations.



  1. DON’T BE PLACID ABOUT INGESTING FLUOROSILICIC ACID, areas effected by this decision are Meredith, Inverleigh, Winchelsea, Moriac, Anakie, Anglesea, Jan Juc, Gheringhap, Lethbridge, Shelford, Teesdale, Batesford, Bannockburn, Torquay, Mount Duneed, Connewarre, Breamlea, Little River, Lara, Ballarine Peninsula, and Geelong.

  2. Thanks for this Scott. Now I know who you remind me of!

    PS. How come you didn’t wear those ridiculous masks at the rally?
    Do the outfits not go down to well with the good old Geelong folk or do you only put them on when you do the gardening?
    Please keep us informed of your hilarious escapades…..

  3. Typical. The “National Anarchists” who claim to support freedom of speech not only refuse to publish my comments but post rubbish under my name!
    Why are you so afraid to defend your politics Scott?
    If you cant allow freedom of speech on your website how can you practice it in your community?

  4. Because Rick, your comments are nothing but spam!

    If you wanted to offer some intelligent critique of National-Anarchist ideas or activism, or even if you had something else to say that was remotely intelligent, I’d be more than happy to publish your comment and take time to respond.

    So, for now on, if you’re going to comment please make sure it is more than just ridiculous, childish rot. If you’re incapable of making a worthwhile comment that is relevant to the particular post you comment on, then I see no reason to waste space publishing it.

    Simple as that.

  5. My comments were a critique of your politics including your wearing of masks and fascination with gardening.
    Put them back up and let the readers decide if they are childish.
    Its only an authoritarian who claims everything they don’t agree with is ridiculous or spam.
    Start to carry out your politics in practice and you will gain a lot more respect.

  6. Rick,

    Our “fascination” with gardening is no different to any other person, family or group getting involved in gardening. The only difference is we incorporate gardening, DIY and other activities with our politics. Growing our own food serves a valuable purpose and it’s a fun team-building exercise.

    As for some of our activists wearing masks. You’d know full well that National-Anarchists are targeted by certain individuals from both the right and left, sometimes with just minor harassment and sometimes with violence. It would be silly for good activists to put themselves and their friends/family at risk by helping thugs get information about them.

    Anything else?

  7. Yes. Delete the false comments you wrote under my name and put all the comments I wrote back up.
    Let the readers decide the relevance they have to this article and my level of intelligence.
    Why should you be the only one to see them and decide their worthiness.
    Authoritarianism is supposed to be what you fight against not what you practice.
    You are doing yourself and your ’cause’ no favours.

  8. Alright Rick, your ridiculous comment is back up… 0.o

  9. To National-Anarchist
    I think you should be proud of your self and I respect your courage and the goals you have and the manner that you try to improve everyone’s quality of life. Like you, I cannot see anything beneficial in Ricks comments, it just tells me he is an insecure soul and you are obviously making an impact. Great work, keep it up.

  10. Thank you illusion9!

    We try to be as free speech oriented with our comments as possible but sometimes we are forced to reject comments; often they are abusive, or put the privacy of our activists at risk and sometimes are just plain disgusting. It’s a fine line that Rick walks, he hopes to ridicule us but often all he does is show the true nature of those that oppose us.

    We’ll keep on doing what we do and we appreciate your support!

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