No Justice, Just Us!

Originally published by the Yarra National-Anarchists.

What is clear to anyone who works or has worked in the criminal justice system is that multiculturalism is a failed experiment. Not only has it failed in this country, but it has failed in scores of countries around the world; in fact, in all countries in which this experiment in social engineering has been conducted. Those countries which have been able to maintain social cohesion, on the other hand, have been those which, to one degree or another, have maintained the social pressures that only an internalised, naturalised culture can bring. History has taught us that this is a non-transferable attribute.

Prison, unfortunately, is often the end point for society’s internal conflicts. What’s played out on the streets of Australia finds its ultimate reflection inside the walls of our penal institutions, and its dark and dimly lit cells. Worse yet, Australia spends vast sums of money each year to house its thousands of prisoners, and yet year after year the solution to criminal behaviour always seems to elude us. Social scientists pay homage to the state by skirting around the problem, conveniently missing the crucial point: that the forces of state and capital, which navigate the direction society takes, are at its heart. In reality, faith in the state serves only these ‘scientists’, and helps them to maintain their position within the ivory towers of academia: a leftist haven which is defended, at all costs, against a common sense approach to social justice, and the practical interventions which this approach suggests.

Evidence for the failure of multiculturalism is everywhere. One only has to look at our overcrowded prison system to understand that newly arrived migrants are unable and unwilling to grasp the social norms of our society. Units are filled with half-literate migrants, and the organisation of the prison population is a reflection of our society at its most primal: segregation along ethnic lines as a means of basic survival.
These facts are as stark as the light of day.

Of course, that’s not to say that Australians of European decent don’t commit awful offences. Like Australia itself, the majority of Australian prisoners are from a European background, each one costing the tax payer upwards of $65,000 per year to house.

This article, however, is not intended to address the obvious problems faced by working people under capitalism. Its intention is to highlight the idea that multiculturalism is broken, a failed experiment, and that in order to maintain a harmonious society, it’s not enough just to destroy capitalism. Instead, we need to think about what causes social conflict and how we can maintain social cohesion. Not just now, but when our idea of autonomous communities is realised. We need to look at examples of autonomous communities around the world, and to re-think what we mean by ‘self-determination’, a buzz-word used by the left when it comes to indigenous politics and the plight of other oppressed minorities, but not ‘whites’. As bad as our situation is, it is made only worse by multiculturalism.

In speaking about multiculturalism, what we need most is honesty, especially about the fact that cultural aspects of crime prevention are ignored by the mainstream. Theories of differential association and strain theory have time and time again failed to take into account the healthy aspects of internal pressures within the “tribe” or mono-culture, and failed to seriously examine how the natural need to protect and maintain ones’ own community is the greatest crime prevention tool of all. This instinct for self-preservation is something that, in the West, has been steadily eroded by years of capitalist gains. Culture that has been built up over hundreds and even thousands of years has been eroded within decades, and led to the oppression of millions.

The United States

The multicultural United States is one of the clearest examples of this situation, where one in five black males will end up in a prison cell within their life time. Is this really all the fault of whites? Or is this a manifestation of the breaking down of community and the lack of real self-determination on behalf of the black population? It’s easy to blame the so-called white ‘master’, and many blacks do, but the story runs deeper than the slave trade. This is a cultural problem, and one that clearly requires a cultural solution.
That answer is clear: National Anarchism provides the only viable response to these issues. Time and time again the left, with their dogmatic and reactionary responses to social issues, have solidly and consistently missed the point. Instead, the left seeks to further oppress the masses with their antiquated, tired, and proven failures. Dogma prevails in this instance, and even when the tide of global capital rises above their heads, they grasp, and they stick to their dogma. It’s clear that rather than shake off their ideological concrete boots, and acknowledge the common sense which National Anarchism offers in the way of dealing with social issues, they would rather drown in their dogma: to the detriment of all.


Following on from the situation which faces the black population in the United States, another clear example of how important the role of cultural or tribal influence has on crime is Japan. Japan has been a focal point of criminological research, research which, for the most part, has been ignored in leftist/academic circles. The reasons they ignore Japanese studies is simple: it raises uncomfortable questions which confirm the existence of a strong cultural influence over the size and shape of criminal activity.

Japan is one of the strongest monocultures on earth. Strict and consecutive polices of immigration control have resulted in some very interesting crime statistics which have gone literally unmatched in the West. Western governments and policy-makers ignore the anomalies produced in Japan as their research is for the most part conducted by either one of two groups. First, leftists committed to an interventionist framework for dealing with crime control who fail to acknowledge, or completely ignore, the hard evidence coming out of Japan. Secondly, right-wing neo-liberals who also avoid the evidence as it runs counter to their “capitalist” way of thinking. If one reads some of the literature related to criminal justice studies it is little wonder they want to ignore it! For National Anarchists, Japan is no haven for our ideas either. But it does go a long way to supporting our arguments for true autonomy!

Japan is a great example of the National Anarchist argument for the separation of cultures. It’s a simple idea but one that scares a lot of leftists. What National Anarchism prescribes is a dose of reality, into a world which is captured by the madness of leftist dogma. We are the “real” realists, and the evidence is there for all to see. Crime control is just one example of how a National Anarchist system of autonomous communities can benefit all people, of all races!
“The main impetus for this [dismissal] has been the perceived uniqueness of Japan. This uniqueness might be characterized as “modernisation without crime.” Japan achieved the transition from feudal fiefdom to highly affluent, post industrial society. Japan avoided the modern crime nexus that has often been identified as axiomatic in criminology.” (Fenwick, 2006)

Axiomatic: a mix of things coming together. Interesting when you think about it isn’t it?

The differences between the history of Japan and the United States, especially during industrialisation, make clear the importance of maintaining native cultures, and how various competing interests have affected rates of crime, which in the United States is ever rising. I say ever rising because they have simply not stopped! In fact, it just seems to be getting worse, just as it is here in Australia, and in my city of Melbourne. Interestingly, one the worst centres of crime in the country is also at the heart of multiculturalism: Sydney, NSW. Its prison population outranks that of all other states.
One might expect Japan to be the same. But it is not. In fact, for much of the post-war period, crime rates in Japan have declined! Japan reached a post war high of 1.6 million violations in 1952. (This was just a few years after Japan lost a war, had two atomic bombs dropped on it, and had 1/3 of its population wiped off the face of the earth.) Japan reached its low point of 1.2 million violations in 1972. Now here is the big question. Name one other Western capitalist country where the crime rate went down a whopping 25%. The answer: you can’t!


I live in the city of Yarra. Here the likes of Steve Jolly and his Merry Men have ridden into office on the backs of poor immigrants who live in squalor and perpetual poverty. Take a look around and what do you see? The non-migrant community is constantly being subjected to high crime rates, often involving violence. The tensions which are absent in Japan are tipping toward boiling point in the city of Yarra. On the one hand, employers fail to cater for the needs of migrant communities because they are low-skilled, and therefore of low worth. On the other hand, and quite rightfully, those who live in the housing estates and who are Australian feel resentment towards these newly-arrived immigrants because they are able to secure funding and employment from both government and council, while native-born Australians are expected to shut up and play along with the multicultural madness imposed on them by leftists such as Jolly and his friends in the ALP.

In conclusion.

It’s clear that the present global situation requires us all to rethink our ideas and acknowledge the evidence before us. What problems that face my community in Yarra and are replicated across the globe. Now is not the time to sit on our hands and accept the status-quo. It’s time to reinvest in ideas and search out solutions to the failures of the traditional left. The Steve Jolly’s of this world and their socialist comrades are capturing the terrain. It’s time for us not to just fight against them in traditional ways, which does not work, it’s been proven. We need to recapture the heart and minds of all people, the disenfranchised and disposed of this world. We need to turn the ship around and fight for a new direction. National Anarchism in my view is that direction. To discover more national anarchist ideas please visit and comment on the following websites or if you are interested in National Anarchist ideas, please feel free to contact us directly.

David Donald, Yarra National Anarchists.



  1. good article, I would have liked more focus on WHY homogenous populations are less likely to commit crime.

  2. The whole idea of ‘grouping’ people by culture, color, race or religion is reactionary. At the dawn of the 21st Century, who cares what race, culture color or religion you belong to? These ancient tribal designations are about as relevant to today as the horsedrawn cart!

    They just don’t fit the needs or challanges of the times. For example, one of my university professors is part Japanese, part Anglo-Saxon and part Aboriginal…he is also one of the world’s most respected research leaders in nuclear medicine. Where does he belong in your little montage of race and culture? And yet he and millions like him exist, many of whom are contributing in a positive and creative way to society.

    All your little national-anarchist movement will do and is doing, is to play into the hands of extreme right or left wing fascists.

    If you want to go back to Stonehedge, live in grass huts (tribes) and exclude others from your village – go for it! But please get it into perspective: you’re just another brand of throw back reactionary conservatives dressed up in fashionable attire. In the grand scheme of things you are superfluous.


  3. Censorship is HERE…big brother rules. You have a view, an idea, an ideology…But you can’t, in all honesty, respond to my criticism, so you just blot it out. Is this how you are going to run your village? Zeig Heil to you then! No Justice – just YOU. Fascist!

  4. Censorship is HERE…big brother rules. You have a view, an idea, an ideology…But you can’t, in all honesty, respond to my criticism, so you just blot it out. Is this how you are going to run your village? Zeig Heil to you then!

  5. Alex,

    In the 21st Century I see the continuing globalisation of our world, with the logical conclusion being a one world government. I see massive exploitation of environment and people by a handful of greedy capitalists. I see the never ceasing loss of liberties and personal freedom, making reality the nightmare of 1984. All of this (and more) has come under the banner of alleged “progress.” I simply cannot believe that what we have in the 21st Century is much better to what we’ve seen in the final stages of previous civilisations.

    I care much more about my religion and my culture than I do about what consumerist crap you’ve accumulated over your life or how well you fit in to the politically correct, ideal “global villager.” That isn’t my idea of being a free man and many, many people around the world agree with me. Your materialism will not last, my folk have lasted thousands of years and will continue for many thousands more.

    National-Anarchists are pursuing a sustainable and free future for ourselves and our future generations. You can call us what you like but we do not need your blessings.


  6. Uhh Alex, I approved your comment and responded to it as soon as I saw it. Please wait longer than an hour before you accuse me of censoring your comments…

  7. I find these comments simplistic and racist.I have a mixed race family I from scottish -wongabong heritage my partner from India.Whrer do our kids fit in your system.Sounds quite like some Nazi propaganda too me.Race is not the cause of crime the materialist/capitalist system is.mate , Im horrified , I really cant believe that some so called Anarchist is advocating race separation in Australia.

  8. Matty,

    I don’t see how you came to the conclusion that your family being mixed race would mean anything to National-Anarchists? We are anti-Statist, we have no interest in interfering in your life or anybody else. What we advocate is self-determination and independence in our own communities. If National-Anarchists want to live in a community that advocates particular norms and values, who are you to tell us we can’t?

    I agree, the materialist/capitalist system is the biggest factor in causing the economic instability, social unrest and isolation that leads to crime.

    We’re not advocating racial separation in Australia or anywhere, our concept of community is based on culture and all that goes with that. Race is far too simplistic and broad to pay much attention to.

  9. Alex. It’s clear you’ve missed the point and how convenient that you choose to just ignore the arguments contained within my piece.

    I don;t know where you got this idea, “If you want to go back to Stonehedge, live in grass huts (tribes) and exclude others from your village – go for it! ”

    Where have we ever suggested such a thing? I think that is a rather insane idea personally.

    It’s this kind of distortion and frankly avoidance of discussing “real” ideas that so frustrates so many people. Including myself.

    No one is arguing that your amazing mixed raced professor wont be accepted by one community or the other. Trying to paint our ideas in that light shows how simplistically you view the world. If you shed your myopic outlook for just a second you might consider that a community may so decided to set it’s own rules of admission. Something that we would support.

    Best wishes,

    David Donald.

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