Oppose Internet Censorship


Since 2006, the Labor Party (then in Opposition) have been pushing to implement mandatory internet censorship in Australia. The censorship would be forced upon the Australian people and internet providers would be forced to participate in the controls. When the Labor Government took power in 2007, they formulated the censorship plan as being official policy and Minister for Communications, Senator Conroy, has been directing the policy ever since.

The general public have been given little information on the plans. Needless to say, the Government have used the same methods always used by Government to take liberty away from the people. Mandatory censorship has been promoted as the only solution to the child pornography industry and the networking of paedophiles on the internet. The Rudd Government knows very well that to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, they can make the emotional cry of protecting the children. Anybody that opposes must support child abuse, incest and rape.

The Government knows very well that their plans will not solve the child pornography problem. Experts have made it clear that websites play a minor role in the distribution of child abuse material and paedophiles network using means that cannot be simply banned by Government. Any form of censorship will serve only to force paedophiles further underground and make the detection of paedophile networks and protection of children more difficult than ever.

The Federal Government has also made it easier for these websites to be found. The ACMA blacklist featuring the prohibited websites was recently leaked to the anti-censorship website Wikileaks.org. Senator Conroy initially denied the list was legitimate but now faces the embarrassment of making a list containing hundreds of websites of child abuse material available to anyone that would want to find it. What more could anybody expect? If something is banned, people will always find a way to make it available.

Besides of being notoriously inept at protecting children, the mandatory filtering opens up a whole new world of political control and nanny-statism. Senator Conroy has stated that political content will not be banned and that political content is protected by the relevant Act. Conroy can say what he likes, we know how politics works and we know that every inch we give to parliament, they will take a mile. What will begin with seemingly harmless banning of pornography leaves the Australian public wide open to creeping increases in free speech material being banned under any number of excuses. The National-Anarchists reject any parliamentary censorship of material and the reason we give can be summed up simply, “any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” – Benjamin Franklin.

The video below is a recent episode of the ABC programme Q and A, the programme runs for an hour and most of that is members of the public criticising and questioning Senator Conroy on his plans to blacklist and ban what people can see on the internet. One individual reminded Senator Conroy that 1984 is a warning, not an instruction manual!

See the video and transcript at Q and A.
Download the video: Q and A (200mb)

The Australian public deserve to be able to moderate their own consumption of information. Australian parents deserve to be able to choose how to protect their children from harm. The Government does not know what is best for us and by imposing this mandatory censorship they prove once again that they are not representative of, nor responsible to the Australian public. When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty!