Why We Are National-Anarchists

As part of the March social gathering of the Midgard Magpie collective, a short video was compiled featuring our activists giving a brief explanation of what a National-Anarchist is and what motivates them as National-Anarchists.

This video is one of many more to come from the Victorian National-Anarchists.



  1. Thanks National Anarchists for brightening up my day.
    I haven’t laughed so hard for ages!
    Especially the walk through the gardens that was cinematic genius.
    I have a 6 year old child who can string a sentence together better than you losers. Good luck building your group.

  2. Hi Rick,

    Don’t you have better things to do than comment on our website every day?

  3. No nothing better to do.
    Perhaps I should take up bird watching or amateur film making like the National Capitalists.
    You wankers are so hard core.

  4. Very nice, I liked it.

  5. Hi Rick,

    Wow, you even have enough time to comment on our website every three hours now!!! Perhaps you should find something more productive to do with your time.

    BTW, what is your political ideology?

  6. Awesome video, I hope to see many more in the future. Good to see you are getting some attention even if it is from the opposition lol

  7. laughing my head off at Rick,

    Obviously just another fucking fake anarchist.

    It shits me up how those people feel the right to tell everyone else how to think, and who is and is not “Hardcore” compared to their own little middle class, university leftist standards.

    Nice video by the way, heres hoping you can grab a few more people and create a scene.

  8. What an impressive social gathering that looked like…

    Try studying some history or even political theory, it may help you to develop an actually coherent political ideology rather than just a bizarre melange of contradictory ideas.

    What exactly about your ‘culture’ do you want to preserve?
    Are you proud of a history of colonisation, genocide, misogyny, and ecological destruction?
    And by your logic should you not leave this country so that the indigenous inhabitants can preserve their culture which is being destroyed by foreign colonisers such as yourselves?

    Your white supremacism is obvious, and it is disgraceful. Try to stop projecting your insecurities onto others and instead learn some tolerance. The real enemy is the State and the Capitalist system and those who unquestionably protect it, not those who escape their own lands due to the foreign policy of countries like Australia.

  9. Anybody wishing to email Errico Malatesta can apparently reach him at kill@whitey.com

    Errico, what historical or political texts should we begin with? When should we put a pair of blinkers on and which dogmas must we tie ourselves to blindly? Our ideas are not contradictory, even if you are too dogmatic to see this.

    I wish to preserve and continue the culture of my ancestors, namely the Anglo-Saxons and specifically the Odinist beliefs and values of those ancestors. I won’t deny that my ancestors have been responsible for destruction and imperialism, though very few (if any) people on this planet can. A part of being human is learning from history and the actions of your ancestors and not repeating the same mistakes, at one time imperialism was simply a part of being human, it’s hardly unique to white European people.

    As for leaving this country to the Aboriginal people, I am not responsible for their plight, if anything we are both victims of global capitalism and liberalism. My people have been here and played a major role in this land, I may not be native in the same sense as the Aboriginals but I am definitely a part of this land.

    Errico, for somebody with an email like kill@whitey.com you have very little place to be calling us “white supremacists,” take your baseless slander elsewhere. You are right though, the real enemy IS the State and Capitalism, so how about we stop fighting amongst each other and start fighting the system that tries to force us together – you may not like the beliefs I hold or the life I wish to lead but I’m not forcing you to live the same way, it’s the system that tries to force hegemony upon us all.

    Good luck to you.

  10. your group is vanguardist.
    stop being seperationists

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