Australian Bushfire Tragedy


Australian National-Anarchists have watched in horror as massive fires have devastated the breadth of Victoria over the past week. Abnormally high temperatures in one of our driest drought periods ever, along with changing wind conditions has paved the way for bushfires to spread right across Victoria. Some towns have been totally destroyed, including many historical landmarks totally lost to history. The official death toll at time of writing stands at 173 but is predicted to rise above 200 as searches of fire ravaged towns continue. Many people have been hospitalised with horrific injuries, many more left homeless and missing family members.

Tragedy and devastation like this hasn’t been seen by Australians in a long time, very few have had such events strike so close to home. Some National-Anarchists have friends and family living in the fire regions, some even know people who have lost everything. There is nobody in Victoria that hasn’t been touched somehow by this tragedy and everybody should feel as sense of loss and empathy for those that lost those close to them.

We should honour those volunteers in the Red Cross, CFA, SES and the others that have dedicated their time and even risked their lives to help people and to protect their communities. A community isn’t built on economy or citizenship but on the people that live and participate in them. Those brave individuals that put their lives on the line are the sort every National-Anarchist and every person should aspire to be. It is through volunteering, putting your hand up and doing your duty that things happen in this world – too many people sit back and wait for somebody else or even government to do what needs to be done.

National-Anarchists put a high priority on being involved in the community and taking part in community services and activities. Every National-Anarchist should be finding something they can do to contribute to their local community. Giving blood at the Red Cross is easy and not enough is given by people. We have National-Anarchists involved in volunteer fire brigades, a few of those have been on the frontline fighting the fires. The training, mateship and responsibility of being a volunteer makes it worthwhile and fulfilling – you will feel as if you really achieved something!

In light of the massive devastation we have seen in the towns through the fire regions, we need to remind governments and anybody else who doubts the facts – Nature is the boss!!

Australia has always been a sunburnt country, the indigenous people knew this well. If we want to live in rural areas (definitely better than the cities), we need to be prepared and live sustainably so the next time fire comes the tragic loss of life will be minimal. Rural houses may need a fire-proof, underground refuge to protect life and property when the fires head for homes. Planned and sustainable burn offs may be another way to minimise bushfire disasters. This is a role for the communities living in these regions to make, Nature will strike and all we can do is prepare for the worst.


I encourage National-Anarchists and our readers to get out there and give blood, the Red Cross will be needing more and more donations in the coming months as supplies are drained. If you’re not already, get involved in some sort of volunteer service – you will meet great people, learn new skills and be providing a service to your community.

May we all work together to overcome this tragedy and work towards a better tomorrow!