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Welcome to the website dedicated to National-Anarchism in Australia and New Zealand. The website will feature news and information for and about our activism and the ideals we pursue. We have used various blogs and networking sites in the past to share our ideas, now we are excited to have our own website. Here you can expect to find reports, essays, interviews and exclusive activist related content of interest to National-Anarchists and radicals of all sorts.

The Australian National-Anarchists are a network of activists that advocate decentralised communities, economic self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability and cultural independence as an alternative to liberalism, globalisation and capitalism. We believe that capitalism is an inherently exploitative system that places profits before the interests of people and is antithesis to a healthy and free existence as an individual. We consider globalisation to be the destruction of unique cultural identities in this world and the creation of a bland, materialist pseudo-culture based upon corporate symbolism. We oppose liberalism in all its forms, especially the Orwellian political correctness and nanny-statism that is increasingly surrounding our societies.

National-Anarchists advocate autonomous local communities. Our communities would be economically self-sufficient and the participants would be able to pursue their own destinies and live according to their will. We believe in cultural and religious freedom and the right to self-determination based on these diverse and unique identities. We advocate an economy that puts the interests of the community first – promoting self-sufficiency and meeting community needs. National-Anarchists advocate entirely stateless societies; we believe in voluntary association and organic leadership without coercion.

National-Anarchists are organised throughout the world. Australian National-Anarchists work closely with our comrades internationally to support each other in finding local solutions to our global problems. We also work with various other groups that agree with our aims. Australian National-Anarchists have ties with the Mathaba News Network, New Right AUS/NZ, American Revolutionary Vanguard, CORRUPT, GetUp Australia and more. National-Anarchist activists are also involved in local volunteer organisations, serving their local communities with real action.

National-Anarchists are involved in community activism, political demonstrations, self-sufficiency and permaculture projects, various political workshops and many more projects that promote and advance our ideas and values. We look forward to more people becoming involved in our network and helping to create a better alternative to the current trend of global capitalism.

Thank you for checking us out, stay tuned for much more to come!



  1. Good to see this is finally happening!

  2. We finally have our own website!

    The word shall spread about us and we shall grow!

  3. You bet, people from all political backgrounds are talking about us. The more attention we receive, the more the average person hears about us and becomes interested.

  4. Terrific to see such a good first foot forward. I’ll be watching your progress with great interest. Good luck.

  5. When we talk about u on the left we speak with hate huge amounts of it. Infact i haven’t seen you around much you talk the talk but when will u walk the walk and come to some left rally’s or are your ideas only viable with close minded ppl who you can brain wash

    Long live freedom for men woman blacks whites Asians all living together learning from one another and even have kids together im sure this hurts ur racist minds but its what aus is all about


  6. Well pilgrim, you don’t need to tell us – we know all about the hate that comes from your so-called “left.” It seems you love all people; men, women, GLBT, black, white etc. well unless these gay people or black people or whites decide they don’t share the same values and ideals as your self-righteous selves. You can preach love and equality all you like but your hypocrisy becomes more and more obvious as time goes on.

    So, how about you guys walk in the same direction as you talk. We attend all sorts of rallies and will continue to do so.


  7. Dear “One love”,

    Do these men, women, blacks, whites and asians have the right to live separately if they choose to do so?

    I won’t stop you from pursuing your goal of a multicultural society for yourself, but do you want to stop me from living separately from who I would rather not be in the same community with?

    It pleases me to know that we cause you to be so emotional.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Heathen Anarchist

  8. Yes your right how about this all the whites live together and we have all the black picking the cotton all the Asians building the dams and digging for coal all the jews working in forced labor camps and the pure whites living off the spoils you clam to be Anarchist but you want segregated community based on bias and ignorance, Have you learnt nothing from human history we are all human and equal skin color is not important race is not we are the same under the skin so why do we need to live separately

  9. No, if you actually believe that, you have no real understanding of National-Anarchism.

    We advocate decentralised communities where people can live upon the concept of voluntary association. With voluntary association obviously comes voluntary dissociation. If a group of people choose to not associate with another, who are you to force them to?

    We are Anarchist, in the truest sense of the word. We reject internationalism and the universalist value system that comes with cultural Marxism. We have no desire to tell anybody how to live their life or any group how to organise, how many modern “Anarchists” can say the same? If you wish to live in a multicultural society you can go for it – no skin off our nose.

    I don’t know how many times National-Anarchists need to repeat this, it seems people that disagree with us bring it up solely to confuse those that aren’t familiar with our views. National-Anarchists entirely oppose racial supremacism – we reject any concept of a racial hierarchy. We also oppose cultural imperialism – no individual or group should be able to oppress the cultural and ethnic identity of any other group.

    Hopefully that answers your questions.

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